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Flair’s Daughter on WWE TV?, Punk Talks Fans Using Insider Terms, Bellas Filming

– Former WWE Divas The Bella Twins have been in Los Angeles this weekend filming for the independent movie Confessions of a Womanizer. The movie is scheduled for release next year.

– A fan wrote to CM Punk on Twitter and told him that he should switch his theme song back to “This Fire Burns” if he wants “real heel heat.” Punk responded:

“Above is an example of what is wrong with fans today. You know cute words like “segment” and “heat” but you don’t know what it means. How many stars is this tweet? Two thumbs down to the #genpop”

– While Charlotte (Ashley Flair) is one of the most athletic women on WWE’s entire roster, NXT and main, there is talk of bringing her to WWE TV as a manager. Earlier this summer it was reported that there was already talk in developmental of putting Charlotte with Cody Rhodes on the main roster, playing off the great rivalry between Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. While there has been talk of bringing Charlotte to the main roster as a manager, the talk about pairing her with Cody apparently was just that – talk.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • brandon

    She’s pretty cute.

  • Kayfabe fan

    She should be a wrestler i haven’t seen her wrestling yet but i just want her to WOOOO and chop people and take the top turnbuckle bump and blade … Wait the last is her father’s speciality nvm

  • later marks

    Maybe the problem is with WWEs policy of empowering fans on social media and not with young fans having opinions.