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Footage of CM Punk Attacking Fan on Raw Tonight

CM Punk attacked a fan at the conclusion of Monday’s WWE RAW. It’s unknown at this time what prompted Punk to strike a male fan in the face twice, but Vince McMahon appeared to be in shock at the exchange.

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  • randomguy

    lol i saw that shit, holy lawsuit.

  • rob

    @SteveCarrier copy and pasting must be really hard to do? I read this exact same thing on another website 20+ minutes ago. Give credit where credit is do…you and Mark Middleton suck

  • Hawkins

    imma fan of Punk…Been a fan of his since 06 But if i was to get hit and i didnt do anything to get hit i probably would have started swingin…wouldnt even have thought about it…bang he hit me and then i would start throwing hay makers…just sayin…i hope he doesnt get super duper Buried for this…

  • Ryder

    @rob Dude all wrestling news site copy and paste each other there’s hardly any real sites that write things on their own.

  • Cameron L

    “Coward Made” Punk

  • rob

    @Ryder Lets all start our own wrestling dirtsheet (copy and past) website and get $$ for add spams

  • thatguy

    Maybe it was planned?! I mean with ratings as bad as they’ve been and the supposed vince/heyman closed door meeting, this raw was def better than recent episodes… Controversy creates cash… Just something to think about…

  • randomguy

    @Cameron L, why you mad bro? you marks really take this shit to heart “oh no he punched some guy i don’t know, time to get on the net and start bitching” getting punched in the face by cm punk was probably the best thing to ever happen in his life. And if the dude just sat there and took it then hes a bitch and deserved it lol

  • Goldust69

    ^ dumbass.

  • Rg41982

    Now that’s attitude!

  • me

    If that was planned, awesome. If it wasn’t and he didn’t do anything physical to punk, then punks a real asshole.

  • ^ *IF that was planned* LOL

  • Z…..

    yoooo that guy is gonna get paaaiiiddddd. daaaamn. well…I guess thats the end of Punk anywhere near the top. unfortunate. hoping I am wrong, but you can dont have to be a rocket scientist to know Vincce’s history of burying people

  • Z…..

    then again. Punks not stupid so I am assuming its an angle. I shouldnt really say anything though since I didnt really see it or the rest of the show

  • rob

    CM Punk is an angry man when it comes to fan interactions but I highly doubt he is stupid enough to strike a fan. It must be a plant I mean fucking eh WWE likes to take ROH talent? why not semi steal their storyline from about a month ago when Kevin Steen punched two “PLANTED” fans.

  • Anybody saying that it’s an angle or a plant is a complete dumbass. WWE’s own wrestlers don’t even take shots like that. You can take one look at the guy’s face and see that it wasn’t planned. CM Punk is as much of a bully as those he claims he despises. He can have a Twitter war with Chris Brown and threaten him, he can yell at fans and women ringside and people still give this guy a pass. Stop being marks and realize that this guy’s a piece of shit in reality. I like his character on TV, don’t get me wrong, but it’s clear he suffers from a Napoleon complex where he feels like he has to act tougher than he probably is.

  • Coolquip

    Austin Aries said it best: if you touch a wrestler he has a right to touch you back.

  • ICouldBeWrong

    Here’s a link to a video of what happened from another point of view:

  • me

    @coolquip I agree its unfair for a wrestler to get hit and just take it from a fan, but CM Punk is a heel and should have expected some sort of physical violence when he tan into the audience. It could have been an accident aswell. You never know with everyone swinging there arms.

  • Z…..

    ^ *their and also if you watch the video on the link ICouldBeWrong posted, you can clearly see the person react as if he accidentally bumped the back of Punks head. This particular video made me think that it actually is real and not an angle, but of course anything is possible.

  • me

    -_- thanks for correcting me
    I saw on another site that the guy punk hit is taking legal actions which is fair enough.

  • Big Nic

    I saw the video on worldstarhiphop. The guy behind the dude punk hit is the one who hit punk and it looked real. WWE maybe in so serious trouble. But here is a question where is the WWE security at. Aren’t they suppose to be aroun the wrestler when they go into the crowd.

  • wrestlinfan

    in the video in the link you can see punk pushing people first though, everyone knows his deal with fan interaction, who’s bright idea was it for his to run into the crowd in the first place…….if d bryan got fired for chocking justin roberts, who works for wwe, what do you think is gonna happen to punk.

  • Striker9

    Ok, first of all I don’t think any wrestler or star from whatever genre should take their ass into any live crowd,you never know what can happen……but it happens.

    CM Punk may be an asshole with the fans and on his stupid twitter bullshit BUT he was in the crowd and if you watch the full video you can clearly see him being shoved around a few times until that idiot behind him smacked him in the head.Punk didn’t see it but I don’t believe for one second that is was an accident.If that was me would I have done what Punk did?….No! if I was big enough I would pitch that fucker down the goddamn stairs! If anyone thinks this guy is gonna get “PAID!” after watching the video your an idiot HAHAHAHAHA!….or maybe that was Colt Cabana…LOL!.

  • Casey

    The guy he hit didn’t do shit. The guy wasn’t even looking at Punk he was looking at Vince in the ring. Brandon’s right. You all need to stop marking out and realize that Punk’s a dickhead.

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