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Footage of Jerry Lawler’s Return at WWE Tapings

Embedded in the video above is footage of Jerry Lawler returning at Tuesday SmackDown Tapings.

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  • The Truth

    Welcome back Jerry!!!!

  • Joseph

    Weird. A lot of people didn’t even like him before. I guess having a heart attack helps your popularity. I was a big fan of Lawler’s a few years ago until he started acting like a preteen girl for all of the faces.

  • Jessica

    Joseph… I hope you get shot and die you son of a bitch! Jerry lawler has done more in 3 decades than you have getting some coochie from your deceased granny at the fountain view rest home. You make my skin crawl.

  • Jbreed

    With all due respect to Jerry Lawler and what he’s been through, he needs to stay away from the announce table because he’s terrible at commentary. I’ve enjoyed Raw more since Jim Ross and JBL joined the team. At least they know how to commentate and they’re fun to listen to.

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