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Footage of The Undertaker’s Return, Jim Ross Surprised

– WWE posted footage of The Undertaker’s return on their YouTube channel. You can watch the footage in the video embedded below.

– Speaking of The Undertaker, Jim Ross was asked about his Taker’s return by a fan on Twitter. Ross responded, “Completely surprised.”

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  • Rob

    Don’t see anything on WWE’s youtube channel

    • Chelsii


  • Rob

    Is that really all the video?

  • Jeff

    Wow,But why did they waste one of his few remaining matches on a live event?it should of been on raw or something,But I guess it was to test out if he still got it

    • Rob

      Seriously, Taker’s matches are so limited now idk why they would have him do a live event match before he even returned on TV.

    • Rob

      Omg the Rock fans downvoted us O_O

  • Michael

    Looks like a fan video not a video by wwe

  • Jeff

    All he has to do is loose A little belly fat and grow his Mohawk back and he’s good

  • Jeff

    Notably, he lives in the state, which no doubt meant he could get there easier. It’s very likely this was a last-minute decision on Undertaker’s part when he heard they were in town. If WWE had known he was going to be there beforehand, they would have surely advertised him.

  • Trey Doss

    if i was in that crowd i woulda been going ballistic

  • Alpha_Omega

    WWE should have left it, I know it’s just to see how he performs and that but now there’s no surprises when he returns LIVE on Raw….

  • jcice13

    well that video sure told the whole story didn’t it

  • Rotnerd

    so dumb. WWE confirmed he was there and now he will be coming to Raw and ruining WM29 with his old ass

    • Spider-Man

      The level of stupid cannot be measured by this comment.

    • Rob

      Undertaker ruin wrestlemania?

      Those are 3 words I never thought I would see together. I’m not sure if you are trolling or are simply a douchebag

      • Rotnerd

        I’m a douchebag or just tired seeing old timers wrestle pass their prime. Get real if you think ut does amazing moves in his wm matches as of late. There lame and boring. He can’t do much, and fans suffer. You may get off that he’s just innate ring but I want to see good wrestling. Maybe 5 years ago he may have entertained me a little now he has to win with hhh taping out?
        Yeah that makes sense.

    • Ankle_Hurt

      The stupid is strong with this one

  • Ross

    People complaining about how wwe ruined the suprise, your on a spoiler site, you ruined it for yourself

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