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Former Boxing Champion Wants to be a Pro Wrestler

Former Boxing Champion Riddick Bowe mentioned that he would like to get into professional wrestling. Here is what he wrote on Twitter earlier today:

“Looking into get into pro wrestling partners. Contact my manager if u can help. I want to be first heavyweight boxing champions and heavyweight wrestling champion. I have trained hard with those bumps.”

Bowe is 46 years old, which is a pretty old age to get into the sport.

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  • Daniel Vollmer

    he’s joking. has to be.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I have to agree LOL the man is 46 come on really

  • Babie Sabrina

    Do I hear some one knocking at TNAs’ door

    Knock knock whos there ? Riddick Bowe! Riddick Bowe who!

    come on Dixie let me in I wanna be a champion again !

    Dixie Looks over at Hogan telling Hogan to ssh! maybe he go away..

    Then Bully Ray walks in and says why so Quite Hogan Looks Over at Dixie and smiles Then Dixie say there someone at door for you and Bully opens it to see Riddick Bowe and he like whos this wanna be and Riddick Bowe pops Bully in chin and knocks him out and leans over and says it sure in the H not sweet chin music
    then Riddick Bowe picks up the TNA Title belt and tells Dixie and Hogan This is what I am here for , Hogan wets his pants (cause he hasn’t seen so much testosterone in years) and runs to his young wife crying I am still the man hunny aren’t I still the man,
    (as his wife thinks in her head sure I am not here for the money and give a slight giggle out loud) then tells Hogan just baby your the man it looks like you need a nap now though go get some rest i will have snack of cookies and millk ready for you when you get up (she laughs to herself again mommy sure needs a new Bentley the one I have is dirty)
    Meantime Dixie gets excited and says to herself HMM so this is how a real man does it
    and shuts the door to talk to Riddick Bowe (and kids thats how the next chapter in TNAs’ books on how they finally beat The McMahon family to topple the WWE)
    Yes its real and its Dame Real Welcome to the era of TNA girls and boys

    • james clinton

      At first i thought this was stupid and unfunny.
      Then i finished and was laughing my ass off. Good job! It was a really fun read, thank you.

  • sonik

    Well, he has expierience in getting hit by low blow (Go?ota)…

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    The man is 46 years old do he expect us to believe that he wants to start Professional Wrestling at this age?

  • Tim van Wijngaarden

    Quick, someone make a adress and email him!

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