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Former KO Wins Bikini Contest, TNA Responds to Ortiz-Cena, Jesse Neal

– As noted, Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz was wearing a WWE Title belt sent to him by John Cena at the World Series victory rally and parade this weekend. After news came out of Ortiz wearing the belt, TNA had to respond via Facebook and remind everyone that Ortiz posed with Bully Ray and the TNA World Title earlier this year. TNA wrote on Facebook:

“Look who gave David Oortiz his first World Championship of 2013 back in May! Congrats Red Sox!”

Ortiz and Bully

– Former TNA star Jesse Neal got married to retired independent women’s wrestler Brittney Savage on Halloween.

– Former TNA Knockout Sarah “Sarita” Stock finished fourth place in Japan’s first-ever bikini contest this weekend. She tweeted:

“All smiles after today’s contest! Came in 4th in Japan’s 1st-ever bikini contest. Sweet day.”

Sarita in Japan

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    I miss sarita congratulations on the win

    • jcice13

      WIN??? she placed 4th, even in a horse race that’s out of the money

  • Reverend Scurvy

    It’s good of TNA to remind everyone that it is at best a stepping stone to get to the WWE.

    • YoungAngryMan

      When has WWE taken ANYONE from TNA that wasn’t first already in WWE?

      • Reverend Scurvy

        Monte Brown, aka Marcus von Cor was a big TNA guy who flopped in WWE. Kharma came from TNA and probably would have been a major player if some personal things hadn’t come into play. There have been a few other guys who performed in TNA before WWE, such as CM Punk, though he was in ROH(I believe) when he was signed to WWE. There are also a few on the horizon, including Edwards and Richards, who are likely to be brought in soon.

  • Damian Starr

    This is the sort of thing I like to see, bit of banter between two companies, loved pepsi and cokes recent one too

    • YoungAngryMan

      Banter? If one retard is yelling at someone else and they’re not paying them any attention, that counts as banter? Ok….

  • me

    4th place.. All the fun of competing without the hassle of standing around to get a medal

    • YoungAngryMan

      Sounds like loser talk, to me.

      BTW. You download the WWE App yet?

      • me

        Yep. Not the greatest app but it’s ok

  • Alpha_Omega

    Probably plastic lol

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