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José Canseco Interested in Joining TNA Wrestling?

Former Major League Baseball player José Canseco expressed on Twitter that he is trying to get the attention of Dixie Carter, while chatting it up with Riddick Bowe on Twitter. Bowe reportedly is trying to get into professional wrestling as well.

Riddick sent the following message to Canseco and Robbie E on Twitter yesterday:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up partner. Being we have same manager. How do I become a bro and your tag team partner. U need a tough guy partner”

Canseco replied back with the following:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up bro. When u coming to Vegas. Ask @TNADixie to get me in tna. I will be your bodyguard”

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  • Daniel_P1


  • Dorie Ann Pope

    Why? Just why?

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I agree because i do not see the need of celebrities in Pro Wrestling

  • Damian Starr

    Just because you want to join TNA doesn’t mean they want you…

    • Daniel_P1

      I’m so sick of athletes from other sports, trying to transition into pro wrestling bc they see it as “fake, easy, and a quick way to make $.”

      • Damian Starr

        To be honest, I coming from the England have no idea who most of these ‘famous’ people are! Apparently you don’t matter unless you are american :L In fact of the last 4 ‘celebrities’ they have tried to shove down our throats, I have heard of one of them, Rampage, only because he made a brief move into acting. I don’t actually mind rampage because I have this glimmer of hope that after November he might try and do some proper wrestling, unlikely I know but still but the others are pathetic, that guy from jersy shore and jessie can’t wrestle and tito is just a douche bag

        • Daniel_P1

          Lol Jose Canseco is a roided guy from baseball..who tried boxing or mma I forget but he sucked; thus he is trying wrestling now, which is an insult. Rampage and Tito are true mma fighters, but have no business in pro wrestling. Tito did referee for TNA in AJ Styles vs Jarett and Rampage has always powerslammed and powerbomed opponents in the MMA cage but that doesn’t make them pro wrestlers.

          • Eric Chism

            Yeah, Conseco was the first in a long line of cheating bastards in MLB. He got caught for roids and that is when the roid domino’s started to fall. I agree with both of you about non-wresters thinking they can jump in the ring with no training or desire to train. It is one thing for them to be a part of a match as a ref or enforcer or whatever. But it totally sucks to see Rampage in a main event match on Impact. Rampage did do some impressive slams in the cage. It has been a very long time since he has done any, but they were awesome. That does not equal a career in pro-wrestling. They aren’t even excited or proud to be in the business. They were on ESPN to plug their fight and either one of them said a thing about TNA. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been on Raw a couple of times. He got RKO’d by Orton and put through a table by Sheamus. After being put through a table, he was on ESPN the next day. The hosts tried to get him to say it was fake or make fun of it. He wouldn’t. He took the WWE appearance very seriously. Tito and Rampage can’t even give TNA a plug! It is pathetic that they are taking so much TV time on a wrestling program.

  • Devon

    I thought signing Tito & Rampage was fuckin retarded. If they sign Conseco that is the final nail in the muthafuckin coffin for TNA

    • Eric Chism

      Another huge free agent signing for TNA!!!! #freeagentfail

      • Devon


  • jcice13

    maybe he could send his brother ozzie to do the actual in ring fighting, oh wait he’s already tried that

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