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Former WCW Star Robbed, Benoit on WWE DVD, Hardy’s Wedding

– Matt Hardy and Reby Sky got married yesterday in North Carolina with a number of wrestling stars in attendance. Here are a few photos from the ceremony:

Reby Hardy wedding 1

Reby Hardy wedding 2

– It’s worth noting that Chris Benoit appears in two different matches on the RAW 20th Anniversary box set – a six-man tag match from the October 3rd, 2005 RAW Homecoming special and another six-man match from the March 26th, 2001 RAW and Nitro simulcast.

– Former WCW star La Parka was traveling with Cibernetico, El Texano Jr. and Pimpinela Escarlata in a charter bus to Ciudad Juarez on September 29th when they were the victims of armed robbery. Men stopped the bus, came on board with guns and threatened to kill the wrestlers unless they gave up their wallets and mobile devices. They got what they wanted, left and the four wrestlers worked a show later that afternoon.

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  • Mario Peralta

    Yeah but they are 6-man matches where he can not get the spotlight to himself. I guarantee thats why the episode that has his and Kurt Angles cage match isn’t included. Or why any 2004 episodes aren’t on there because that year was all focused on him, that was when he won the championship.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I’m hoping they use these tag matches and stuff to casual reintroduce Benoit onto DVDs without really talking about him. I think the policy should be the same as with ‘WWF’- you can show it and hear it in old footage, but never mention it in new footage. For example- the tag match on Raw for the titles, Steve Austin & Triple H vs Jericho & Benoit. The match where HHH tore his quad. That was one of the greatest and most emotional tag title matches of all time and is VERY important with Trip’s injury occuring. That needs to be included at some point. Or the triple threat match at Mania, arguably the greatest triple threat match of all time. Or Randy Orton’s first world title, which was 1st-runner up for Match of the Year. These are important milestone matches that should not be ignored just because Benoit did something terrible. Show the matches, just don’t talk about Benoit specifically when setting them up. Just reference the greatness and importance of the match in general.

  • Devon

    Last year he was in the encyclopedia. Now he is gonna be on 2 DVDs. They are starting to not ignore him

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