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Former WWE Diva Releasing Stolen Playboy Photos

According to TMZ, Former WWE Diva Amy Weber is releasing photos she shot for Playboy after the photos were stolen from her laptop last week.

Weber told TMZ that her laptop was stolen last Wednesday in the Los Angeles area which contained copies of nude photos that never made print.

Weber and her management team decided to release the photos rather than allow the person that stole them to profit from releasing photos. There is no indication when the photos will be released.

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  • Chelsii.

    Why would you KEEP them if they were never printed?

    On the other hand…


  • Lol

    Chelsii lets see your nude photos

  • Me

    Who is Amy Weber?

  • CW1

    @Me Some eye candy chick from that Baywatch parody comedy who was a Diva search loser & slobbering all over Bradshaw for some dollars & [email protected], but then got the boot.

  • bomb

    I was hoping it would be Maria or Christy Hemme and turns out to be some girl I barely know.

  • Lonnn

    wasn’t that diva’s bag that randy took a shit in ?

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