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Former WWE Diva Victoria On Who She Would Face Today

Former WWE and TNA Champion Lisa Marie Varon has seen women change the business the past the year. It’s lead to some thinking she should return to WWE and work with the young talent. Lisa seemed to have interest.

“I love Charlotte she would be so much fun to wrestle and I am a huge Sasha Banks fan,” said Lisa. “She’s got it, the reaction she gets from the crowd is amazing and she is going to go far in this business. I’d have to say though Paige is a given for me. I’d love to wrestle her. I’m friends with her mom but I think there are a lot of little subtle similarities between us and I’m sure we would have a great match.”

At her age, it doesn’t seem WWE will be calling for any long term plans. In the meantime, Lisa has her food business to run.

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  • Reverend Scurvy

    I’d be all for a Victoria return. I always liked the way she worked and how she carried herself. I think she’doesn’t be a good backstage mentor for some of these girls like Becky and Paige. Charlotte and Sasha are all in with their characters, but Becky, Paige Emma, etc could use some work.

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