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Former WWE Star at SmackDown, RAW 20th Anniversary Box Set News

– Former WWE star Rikishi was backstage at last night’s SmackDown tapings from Las Vegas, visiting his sons The Usos. Here he is with his future daughter-in-law, Naomi:

Rikishi and Naomi

– WWE’s RAW 20th Anniversary box set that comes out in December looks to be a “greatest episodes” theme where there will be up to 20 “uncut and un-edited” shows featured. reports the set will be a 12-disc box set and the Blu-ray will be a 10-disc box set.

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  • Joseph Douglas

    Well, that sucks. 20 uncut episodes with none from the early 2000’s, because then they would have to put Benoit on them. I would love to see the episode that the Radicalz made their debut again. He was a part of some great episodes. I do hope they include Shelton Benjamin vs Triple H from Shelton’s first raw.

    • Devon

      Who knows. Maybe they will have Benoit. I always said its possible cuz they added him in the encyclopedia. And I hope they have the Eddie & Owen tribute episodes

    • Gavin Lopez

      I and I would guess the great majority of WWE fans never want to see Benoit ever again. I’m glad they don’t put that murderer on DVDs and glorify him. The man was a monster, he killed his own wife and child.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I can’t wait for the DVD but people please don’t criticize the DVD just yet it has not come out yet

  • Daniel Vollmer

    weird how out of all the legend’s sons, that Orton is the biggest one….Dibiase Jr. is gone, they have Rhodes jobbing to Axel a lot now, Wyatt is just blah and in a group thing, and the Usos haven’t even gotten gold yet…so they don’t really value the sons of their past performers I’ve noticed.

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