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Former WWE Star Believes John Cena Wants Randy Orton Fired

Fueling rumors that WWE may part ways with Randy Orton as a result of his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program, former WWE talent Kenn Doane (a/k/a Kenny Dykstra) said on Twitter that he believes John Cena is among those within the sports entertainment organization lobbying for the SmackDown wrestler’s termination. Doane’s belief is based on Cena admitting to him in 2006 that he wanted Orton fired for his first Wellness Program infraction.

“When I was there and Orton got suspended for the first time, Cena told me he wanted Orton fired. So now I’m sure it’s probably him trying for RKO’s release,” Doane wrote Friday. “Regardless, hopefully he don’t get fired since he has a young child and is the best story teller in WWE. They do still tell stories in the ring right?”

Cena admitted in WWE’s 2011 Randy Orton video release, The Evolution of a Predator, that he was not fond of the “old Randy.”

“I always joke around there’s old Randy and then there’s new Randy,” Cena stated. “Old Randy was an asshole.”

Orton was quietly suspended for thirty days without pay in August 2006, before WWE publicly announced suspensions for Talent Wellness Program violations. He tested positive for an anabolic steroid that he did not have a valid prescription for. Orton missed live events but continued to appear at televised events—including SummerSlam for a match against Hulk Hogan—for the duration of the suspension. He privately claimed he was taking time off from live events to remodel his home, but it was later confirmed that he was, in fact, suspended.

Cena has expressed strong support for the criminalization of the non-medical use of anabolic steroids by athletes. He has advocated the incarceration of athletes found to be using anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. “They should send the guys to jail,” said Cena during a February 2009 interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in response to a question about New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez admitting to using steroids and Major League Baseball’s anti-doping efforts. Cena elaborated on this belief in an interview with the New York Daily News.

“[Steroids] are the personal choice of the athlete,” said Cena while promoting 12 Rounds. “And [Rodriguez] got defensive, saying he used because he felt he needed to. If there was a set of [legal] stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.

“The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts.”

According to, the nine-time world champion’s suspension reportedly stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. However, that is not confirmed. The only person in WWE who commented on the matter to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer believes Orton actually tested positive for a tainted supplement.

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  • havok

    arent orton and cena buddies though…and really kenny, orton is the best story teller…really….randy

  • nowshiz

    orton might have been an asshole back in the day but he has improved alot lately after the birth of his daughter. He is a good in ring worker, plus he has got a very distinct character, that of the viper. he still pulls in the crowds, provides some edge to the storylines and he can help establish new guys as top stars like he did with rhodes and barett. of course some people will love it if he is terminated, opens up more opportunities for them

  • Ross

    You think he is going to be struggling if released ? He will get a huge severance package as his contract runs to 2018 and a huge name like Orton will have the indies, ROH and TNA fighting for his signature !

  • rob

    Lol orton in roh….fuck that we.don’t want him

  • havok

    roh would eat orton up

  • Big Nic

    Cena is the last person who should be talking about putting people in jail for roids.

  • kosher

    they won’t release him…he’ll probably be gone a bit longer than his suspension though…then come back prob as a heel and feud with cena….maybe some new evolution to his gimmick as well

  • later marks

    I could see Orton fitting in well with the modern ROH roster given he’s amazing in the ring but has no charisma.

  • later marks

    Plus Cornette is a HUGE Randy Orton mark, he once called him the best in-ring worker of all time or something to that extent.

  • SdotC

    For you fans to say RoH would eat Randy up is ridiculous. I hate the guy, but the fact is the powers to be in an ROH or TNA would go up to the boys and say “That’s Randy Orton and you’re gonna sell for him, you’re gonna put him over big, because he’ll put us over big”. And I’d love for you RoH fanboys to TRY to say that RoH wouldn’t LOVE to sign someone like Orton. They’d do it in a heartbeat

  • peoklis

    fire both randy’s and cena’s ass!

  • Peter Ballack

    Really, Cena is the last guy who should be talking about steroids.
    You can tell by the size and proportion of the guy’s body that his muscle is not natural.

    Anybody with a basic knowledge of the human anatomy knows that bodies like Cena’s are not the product of the gym; they are the product of something much more sinister.

  • havok

    the roh fans would eat him up is what i meant

  • Amazing all these comments about Cena and steroids. So, anyone with a physique like his is automatically on steroids, and didn’t work his ASS off to get that way! Bullshit! Has Cena ever failed a WWE-sanctioned drug test? Does he not workout regularly down in Tampa with the developmental talents of FCW? Does he have even the slightest psychotic tendencies or demeanor? Does he not appear to be one of the healthiest men on the planet? Cena works his keister off for the WWE, and to entertain the fans. Orton doesn’t care about the fans. Hell, he obviously doesn’t even care about himself. If he did, he wouldn’t be messing around with steroids, or even pot. Frankly, he needs therapy. Maybe with some help the guy can right his ship. I hope so.

  • supguys

    Ok first, YOU and any other fan will never know if Cena was ever tested positive because they would NEVER suspend him. And if you look at some pictures taken in about 1998 – 2000, he was about twice as big as he is now. According to him he joined the gym when he was 15? He looked like a nerd. Back then he was on steroids, I’m sure. Impossible to naturally gain as much muscles as he did in 5-8 years. Now, I’d say Cenas not on steroids. He is not stupid. Back to topic. I don’t get why Cena would want Orton fired. I thought they were best friends. I don’t buy what that dude is saying.

  • Laplante94

    @supguys- Actually it is very possible. I played soccer with this kid who was the size of a twig not even 5 years later he was huge and he didn’t take steroids or anything except protein shakes maybe. If you hit the gym regularly and EAT properly then anyone can get that big.

  • Tad Zembko

    1st – Cena is hard core as far as his physical regimen goes. He does not (currently) take steroids, and I believe he did in the past. I am not a Cena fan, but I do agree he busts his ass for WWE and his hard work has paid off.
    2nd- Randy has posted he cannot comment atm about his suspension and he will when he is able. There are no CONFIRMED reports that his suspension is for a second wellness violation, this is a report from a magazine in Mexico that speculates on what the suspension is for. They even say its an unconfirmed report.
    3rd – Randy Orton has no Charisma? Are you retarded? The minute he hit the scene I said this guy was the next Rock. He has the look, the ability and the charisma. The shoulder injury updates during his evolution days were classics. He sells his character better than anyone else. He is a fantastic heel and is being forced face now because he is so charismatic and over with fans. I may hate Cena but Orton is my favorite wrestler from his generation.
    Lastly – I highly doubt that Kenny Dykstra, a wrestler who had no charisma and couldn’t get himself over, is a reliable source as far as Cena is concerned. Cena may have wanted Randy fired the first time around, but Cena knows whats good for business, and Randy is good for business. He won’t be fired and only wind up released if thats what Randy pushes for.

  • JC

    Anyone who believe a word of what Kenny Dykstra said, is a moron… Cena and Orton are like bestfriends.. They had each other’s backs when they were rising to fame within WWE.

  • Adam

    Wow, some of you guys have no idea about steroids. Cena is not a user.
    Of course Orton would try and blame it on supplements, all drug cheats do.

  • randomguy

    i see some of you guys say cena is not on steroids, and i also see some of you guys talk about how hard wwe works him, so with his crazy schedule im sure he doesn’t have much time to spend in the gym, so cena long work hours=less gym time=huge muscles? yup that makes total sense.

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