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Former WWE Talent Passes Away

Former WWE star “Iron” Mike Sharpe passed away at the age of 64 over the weekend Hamilton, Ontario. He was found in his apartment. Sharpe’s funeral services have not yet been finalized.

A back injury and other health issues forced Sharpe into a wheelchair in 2007.

Sharpe wrestled from 1977 – 1995. His run in WWE lasted from 1983 through 1995. He worked in the company as a jobber for most of his career.

Our¬†thoughts and prayers are with Sharpe’s family. RIP.

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  • Philip Hollett

    RIP Mike, I remember you screaming and grunting at every move. One of the best ‘jobbers’ there was.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Nothing wrong with being a jobber. Every company needs one.

      • jcice13

        some of the best wrestlers in history are the jobbers, they have to make the opponent look better than they really are and have the fans believe that they’re that good

      • Philip Hollett

        I agree. Even Mr Perfect was a jobber at the start of his career. Back in the 80’s they were the unsung wrestlers who made the stars into ‘Superstars’.

  • JG40

    OUR thoughts are with his family too.

    • SoCalfool

      ravens gonna ravens bro

  • Lisa

    Jobber or not, he has my respect. RIP.

  • Lemont Washington

    SIP Iron Mike!!!!!

  • MEH

    RIP Iron Mike, fond memories of me and my sis getting ready to watch Superstars wondering if you and the other regular enhancers would be on the card. Rest in Power

    • Philip Hollett

      We all had our favourite jobbers back then. Dwayne Gill, Barry Horowitz, Jim Powers, Jim Brunzell (yes I know he was a Killer Bee, but he was a jobber later on), Brooklyn Brawler.

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