Further Update on Vince McMahon’s Injury

As noted earlier, Vince McMahon took an F-5 from Brock Lesnar last week on Monday’s Raw to have him written off television.

PWInsider is reporting that Vince McMahon had hip surgery on Friday and is backstage at Raw tonight. McMahon is said to be moving around on crutches. He came in early and was overseeing production pieces for the Fandango character.

  • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Aka Jackson DeMarco

    I give him BIG props. He took an F5 while needing hip surgery, And is back at work 3 days after hip surgery(which is a major surgery btw). He really loves the buisness and is dedicated to being there despite being in pain. He could’ve easily stayed home and no one could’ve said anything, but he didn’t. He earned even more of my respect for that

    • IamLisa

      Who liked this comment?
      The same idiots that keep moaning and bitching about Vince allegedly having a fetish for big, muscular guys?
      The same idiots that keep on complaining about Vince not pushing the “young” and “talented” guys?
      The same idiots that Blame Vince for apparently over-relying on part-time wrestler like The Rock, Lesnar and Taker?
      What a bunch of two-faced fools.

      • Chelsii

        This has no correlation to his comment you absolute window licking, sh!t for brain SIut.

        • IamLisa

          How convenient that all these comes from a self confessed CM Chunk c0ck-sucker.
          You must have wetted your dirty, grandma panties when CM Punk’s music hit last night during Raw.

          • Chelsii

            No, but if I did… it’s because CM Punk is the hottest thing in WWE right now. Something you don’t understand you ignorant ho.

          • IamLisa

            Haha, it looks like I was spot-on about you wetting your panties because of that ugly fool.
            And just so you know, unlike you, I actually do know how to keep my legs closed. I’m not the type that opens her legs to anyone and everyone. Being a model, I have so many admirers but that’s all people can be – admirers.
            Didn’t I read a comment where you said you had a four-month old baby girl? Unless you are married, then the word “ho” best describes you, not me.

          • Chelsii

            “Being a model” – uh huh. So if you’re not married, you’re a ho? You sound like a bible basher.

          • IamLisa

            Call it whatever you want but those are my principles.

          • God

            Please stop being ignorant my child, you’re barely 18 and you’ve already slept with 50 guys. How do you think you’re a model?

  • CMmox

    Vince McMahon = WWE

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