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Gabe Sapolsky On Helping WWE With Talent

Evolve co-founder Gabe Sapolsky discussed the promotions’ possible relationship with WWE.

“WWE got into a very progressive mindset when it came to the independents and started looking into where talent was coming from,” said Sapolsky to Uproxx. “When they did this, they looked at Evolve and guys like Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Kalisto, Neville and several other talents that came from Evolve, and they looked at me personally from my time at ROH when I booked guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and CM Punk going way back… so they looked at the track record and realized it was in their interest to support us and make sure this independent undercurrent of talent keeps flowing.”

Sapolsky stated the relationship took time to full develop and he’s hoping many other stars get a chance in WWE.

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