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Gail Kim Presented With #1 Women’s Wrestler Award, Madison Rayne Names Dream Opponent

– TNA Wrestling has uploaded a special edition of “TNA Today” with Gail Kim being presented an award by Pro Wrestling Illustrated for being chosen as the #1 Women’s Wrestler of 2012 after having a 212 day reign as TNA Women’s Knockout Champion and gaining numerous wins over the toughest opponents.

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– Madison Rayne participated in a Q&A session Friday on Twitter and when asked to remark on her dream opponent, she replied Lita. The four-time TNA Women’s Knockout was also adamant that she will never go back to being blonde again.

Rayne competed at the evening’s TNA live event in Johnson City, Tennessee, losing to Miss Tessmacher.

– Bobby Roode and Madison Rayne appear at Direct Auto Insurance 111 East Blackstock Rd. Spartanburg, South Carolina, today from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call 864-587-9206 for more information.

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  • Y2J

    Ahhh :( I loved her has a blonde, she was so damn hot. She’s still hot but its not the same

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  • SdotC


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  • SdotC

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  • SdotC, what a lengthy load of crap.

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