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Get “The Jimmy Hat” Little Jimmy Condom Company T-shirt

Our friends over at Off The Top Wrestling Shirts have just released their latest shirt – The Jimmy Hat Shirt. They say it helps reduce the risk of getting got. We agree it looks pretty awesome. Get it today at a special pre-sale price of just $15.

Click here to check out The Jimmy Hat Shirt and other OTT Wrestling Shirts.

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  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’d give it about three days before WWE raises a stink about this one, but this is HILARIOUS.

  • alanstanley

    They are used to cover your Rooster from Brewster

  • Peter Ballack

    Even though this shirt might be funny, imagine trying to explain it to a non-wrestling fan…

  • JamesBooth

    Legendary shirt !

  • Mikey

    Since porn films from LA are requiring condoms be worn, this shirt could make big bucks in promoting condoms. Little Jimmy says these condoms “help reduce the risk of getting got.”

  • Kyle

    That’s fucking hilarious

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