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Goldberg on Ryback Comparison, Big Troubles & New Poster for Batista’s MMA Debut

– Former WWE Champion Batista is scheduled to make his MMA debut next weekend but currently has no opponent. He was scheduled to face Rashid Evans (not the UFC star). Evans was apparently in jail but released when he got the opportunity to fight. Evans has since violated probation and is back in jail. He won’t be released in time for the fight.

Batista’s back-up opponent was Bruno McKee, a super heavyweight who trains at his gym in Florida. McKee would have also been making his pro debut but he has pulled out of the fight because he wasn’t ready. The promoters of the event say they have another opponent ready and should be making the announcement soon.

Speaking of the fight, here is a new promotional poster:

– A fan wrote on Twitter that WWE Superstar Ryback is “the new” Bill Goldberg. Goldberg replied:

“Not quite…..”

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  • jayman

    LOL! Dana White should have signed batista so he can save UFC 151!

  • Kayfabe fan

    He should face a basketball
    They stiil hold a grudge against him

  • Ariez77


  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    “Not quite”

    Indeed, Goldberg….Ryback can actually wrestle.

  • Wuge

    ^ haha at that one, that was good one.. Nice!

  • Z…..

    maybe its just me, but I remember seeing goldberg putting on some pretty good submissions and using some good kicks along with the other shit. i feel like he gets a bad rep b/c he squashed so many people. maybe its just me though

  • jackson

    Goldberg sucked in the ring, but he was like Dynamite Kid in comparison to Ryback.

    I would put Ryback’s in-ring ability on a level just above Khali and Giant Gonzales.

    He’s terrible.

  • Z…..

    ^ havent seen him yet, but daaamn that sounds pretty bad

  • Mark

    haha ‘brassbody’ hahahaha ‘you cant spell kung fu without a f and u’ whaahahaha that poster is amazing. Btw i remember goldberg being pretty good in the ring. His problem was being clumsy and stiff. He hurt alot of guys and ended bret heart’s carreer, but moves-wise goldberg wasnt never the crappy level of cena

  • Chelsii.

    That poster doesn’t do Batista any justice… look at that face.

  • Bane

    Y do people hate on Goldberg. What he’s saying is the truth, Ryback isn’t “quite” like Goldberg. At least not yet. Ryback hasn’t really faced any good or big opponents ’til Swagger, Miz, and Tensai. He needs 2 face guys like M Henry, Big Show, Kane, B Clay, etc. 2 show off his strength. But the biggest differences r the spear to clothesline. The spear was the shit(loved when he speared Jericho through the glass at Elimination Chamber, that was sick, and when he beat Big Show in WCW, look it up on youtube and speared and held him in his jackhammer pose 4 like 2 or 3 seconds, unbelievable, just amazing). And finally Goldberg has, is, and will always b just Goldberg. And through no fault of his own Ryback will b also known as Skip Sheffield. Should have gave him the Ryback gimmick since the beginning, since he was using it in FCW. I like Ryback, not hating on him but it’s the truth. Wish him well and hopefully he can lift Show and Henry and walk the ring with them on his finisher, that’d b epic.

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