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Goldberg On A Possible Return To WWE

Bill Goldberg recently spoke to TMZ while doing press for the soon to be released WWE 2K17 game.

After leaving the WWE on bad terms years ago, his appearance in the new video game sparked inquiry about a potential return to the squared circle.

“I’m not the employer,” Goldberg said, “I’m not the guy who makes the decisions. I would entertain it, you know, but who knows?”

He continued, “Life’s too short to dwell upon past differences and I’m 49 years old right now. The clock’s kinda ticking for my athletic, competitive days… But never say never.”

Goldberg also said that he still trains kickboxing five days a week and offered his thoughts on the idea of trying some professional fights.

You never know,” Goldberg said, “The only problem is a 49 year old passing commission. It’s kinda tough for a 49 year old guy that’s never fought professionally before to go out and get the commission to write off on it.”

He then cited the Bellator MMA fight between Kimbo Slice and DADA 5000 as a reason why commissions might be extra leery about letting people dabble in pro fighting. After that fight, DADA wound up going into cardiac arrest and nearly dying on account of the strenuous exertion of going the full distance.

TMZ additionally reported that Goldberg’s people have in fact been in contact with the WWE and that “the wheels are in motion” for a return.

It’d certainly be cool to see Goldberg make his patented entrance again. But his entrances were always more impressive than his ring work ever was.

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