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Goldberg Still Shooting Down WWE Return Rumors

Former WWE & WCW Wrestler Bill Goldberg continues to shoot down rumors of a return to World Wrestling Entertainment on his Twitter. When a follower asked if Triple H would book a match between himself and The Undertaker in the near future, Goldberg replied, “Not a chance in hell”

When asked about WWE wanting to sign him and Sting, Goldberg stated, “Sting ….maybe. Me? Not likely….”

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  • 1MC3

    Well obviously he won’t say “yup, I’ll see you guys in a few months :) xD “

  • tt2000

    What he’s saying is that Triple H doesn’t like him so it’s not likely he’ll be offered anything.

    • Rako

      Triple H doesn’t like him, yet they release his DVD? makes no sense.

      Goldie just wants 5 million and deal like Lesnar.

      • tt2000

        Makes no sense? Making money off him without even asking his opinion on it? Goldberg had nothing to do with his DVD.

  • JH

    I hope they don’t bring Greenberg back, I can’t stand him.

  • Devon

    I would love to see him return

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