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Good News for Lesnar’s WWE Future, Reason for WWE’s New El Local, NXT News

– Summer Rae is the new WWE NXT Diva of the Week while Leo Kruger is the new Superstar of the Week.

– We noted back in the summer that WWE officials were likely going to offer Brock Lesnar another deal once his current deal expires at WrestleMania 29 next year. Lesnar’s future with WWE was apparently going to be decided on the SummerSlam buyrate.

Now that those numbers have came out and this year’s SummerSlam was the most successful since 2008, people in WWE note that Lesnar is almost guaranteed to receive another deal from WWE next year.

– We noted before that Ricardo Rodriguez wrestles under a mask as El Local against Sin Cara on an upcoming episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam. Apparently one of the reasons officials put Ricardo against Cara is because they feel Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer works with Cara better than other Superstars on the roster.

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  • Kayfabe fan

    I’m a ( paul haymen voice ) BBBBRRRRRRAAAAWK LEZZZZNAAAR mark but if they do offer him another contract and if he do sign it than i hope and want lesnar to be more of a wrestler than a fighter

  • juni

    I’d prefer Lesnar showing both skills. His match with Cena was a brutal encounter, and was extremely enjoyable. On the contrary, his match with HHH was more of a pure fight that seemed legit, and I really enjoyed that too.

  • Real Kosher

    they gotta get rid of this BS PG trash they are doing…RAW ratings are dropping like crazy….I really am starting to lose faith in the WWE…they just don’t seem to be able to pull their heads outta their asses

  • juni

    The “fuck this pg trash” talk is old and immature now. Steps other than removing pg are needed i.e. better storylines

  • showoff

    to have better storylines they need to get rid of pg jus sayin.

  • GN-0015

    Without PG, they can have edgier gimmicks too.

  • mossy

    the kids have their own show now – so remove the pg shite from raw & smackdown & you will see your ratings soar – hell, i’ll stay up ’til 4 in the morning here in the uk to watch it live again.

  • Antony Copland

    Read the article. Where the hell does it mention anything PG? Nowhere. This article has nothing to do with ratings, no, if you read, it refers to buyrates. Do you want to know WHY it’s PG? Not for the kids, not for Linda’s campaign, but because the majority of WWE fans are illiterate with the attention span of a kid. Dah, I’m an IWC mark, I want change but then complain when it happens. I play armchair quarterback and whine like a spoiled brat.


    Glad they’re Chimaera to his full potential.

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