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Guess Which WWE Higher-Up Likes Brad Maddox?, 4 WWE Stars Returning Soon, More

– Michael Cole wrote the following on Twitter today about Jerry Lawler and JBL:

“Congrats to @JCLayfield for his return! Look forward to the sparring. Surprised you could drag yourself off golf course! 4 days and counting to the return of @JerryLawler and I can’t wait! All is right in the world again. #LongLiveTheKing”

– Here are some injury updates on several WWE Superstars:

* Mark Henry right now is scheduled to return at the end of 2012 after having shoulder surgery a few months back.

* Hunico is scheduled to return at the end of January 2013 after surgery for a torn ACL.

* Evan Bourne is scheduled back in early spring after a foot injury.

* Christian is expected back in late November or early December after shoulder surgery

– Brad Maddox is being considered a Triple H guy because for whatever reason, Triple H has taken a liking to him. Maddox wasn’t looked at as anything special in OVW or FCW. However, it is said that he improved while in Florida but was hardly one of the top stars there.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Lisa

    Looking forward to the return of Mark Henry. Somebody’s ass is gonna get kicked.

  • Mick

    Looking forward most to the return of Christian, what a shit year he’s had, in terms of injuries.

  • Rybork Laserback

    Mark Henry and Christian need to come back on smackdown (or Raw), and as MAIN-EVENTERS.

    They would be stupid to send them back to mid-card. These two hard great main event runs in 2011 and WWE desperately needs main eventers like them.

    As for Brad Maddox, i like his push. He has gotten an original push with the whole referee angle, and i think he has the look/mic skills to be a WWE superstar, his ring skills are also considered decent so why not.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I wonder if they’ll bring Henry back as a face? I mean, they can’t have both him AND Show as giant monster heels, can they? Unless they team them together and put them in the tag division. …Oh god. O_O


    Maddoz was a double champ in FCW, FCW 15 Champ and Tag champ at the same time, he was Richie Steamboat biggest rival for one point, guy was more or less 3 choice top heel behind Ambrose and Kruger. Sandow was just breaking into the FCW 15 territory, so to say he was one of the top is just strange, not stand out, yes but he was top, a top bitchy heel.


    finger slip should’ve of been a x not a z

  • Lisa

    Man I miss FCW

  • TehByanKendric

    Yeah it was pretty good, at points better than some of the stuff on the main product, they’ve done a good job at Full Sail though.

  • Kenny

    Completely forgot about Evan Bourne.

  • Mick

    @Rybork Laserback. I completely agree with the praise on Henry and Christian’s main event runs in 2011. Christian’s in particular was the best period of time I had as a wrestling fan, since Christian’s one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I know it’s a bit dumb, but I simply can’t get past Maddox’s voice. He literally sounds like his balls haven’t dropped yet – or he’s been popping estrogen pills. And the preppy outfit made it even worse. I haven’t seem him wrestle, but I’ve hated him for all the wrong reasons ever since I saw him open his mouth on RAW this past Monday. And there’s NO WAY you can tell me he’s more deserving of even being featured on the main roster than some of the guys that WWE has kept buried in developmental for no good reason. He won a couple of FCW Titles – so what? Ambrose? Ohno? Xavier Woods? Rollins? Hell, what about Leo Kruger? This guy’s all of a sudden a part of a main storyline on RAW and has become a “Triple H guy”, whatever that means, while guys like Drew McIntyre and Curt Hawkins have to SCRATCH AND CLAW to even get token TV time?

    While I admit, I could see him with a heel personality that’s a bit reminiscent of Christian’s early runs, I really, REALLY want to know what the fuck Triple H sees in this guy that makes him more deserving of any time on the main roster than all of the guys I just mentioned.

  • WeWantChristian

    Please oh please be right about Christian for once. #WeWantChristian

  • Mick

    ^ Now that’s a hashtag I’d actually care about.

  • Opie

    Evan Bourne should go to TNA and compete with the X Division

  • later marks

    Lawler sucks.
    I admire the guy on a personal level and respect his hall of fame in-ring career but he is by far the worst broadcaster on WWE TV and has been for years.

    He needs to retire or work on a B show.

  • i hope christian will get a chance as a face in the main event. then he can show to everybody that he is on the same level as cena and randy borton.
    He deserves it but he never got a chance and always got screwed over

  • John

    I guessed wrong about Maddox. I guessed the higher up that was high on him was Vince Mcmahon’s penis. Apparently it’s HHH’s penis. Agree with windsofchange that I see nothing special about this guy while guys like McIntyre and Hawkins and other FCW wrestlers deserve a push over him.

  • John

    I guessed Vince’s genitals but guessed wrong. Apparently it’s HHH’s genitals. XD

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