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Hardy on the WWE Rumors, Regal-Bryan, Guerrero Visits with NXT Talents, The Rock

– William Regal wrote the following on Twitter about Kane and Daniel Bryan hugging:

“What happened to my protégée @WWEDanielBryan?I wanted him to be all the things I haven’t been and now he’s giving hugs to monsters.Let down.”

– The Rock noted on Twitter that he is back in the United States so it appears Fast 6 filming is done, at least the scenes that were being shot in the UK.

– Vickie Guerrero spent some time with the WWE developmental talents in Tampa yesterday. As noted earlier, she will be appearing at tonight’s NXT tapings from Full Sail University.

– Matt Hardy was asked about the rumor of Jeff Hardy looking to return to WWE because he might want to make more money that he lost over the past few years with his legal troubles. Matt replied on Twitter:

“Jeff doesn’t need or care about money.”

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  • Coolquip

    Um Matt, you sort of NEED money, especially after a drug trafficking charge.

  • Muscleman

    I have no interest in a Jeff Hardy return to WWE. I must admit that I used to be a fan of his, up until the time he left the company in 2009. He has since lost his edge and is plain boring in TNA these days. Even if he chose to return to WWE, he’d brobably rot in the midcard because simply put; he isn’t good enough for the main event scene. And with his drug demons always haunting him, WWE would rather not take chances with him. As for Fatt Hardy, I suggest he concentrates on his Indies career.

  • Chelsii.

    I would pay Matt for some strange.

  • Joseph

    I would rather see Matt in the WWE again. Who needs Jeff? The WWE has enough no talents taking TV time.

  • Kayfabe fan


  • Chelsii

    I would get flat on my back for MAtt

  • berzerker

    ^ wow

  • Adam

    Jeff Hardy has been better in TNA this year than even his final year at WWE. His body is in better condition due to being allowed time off when he is injured in TNA, and the fact he is not using any drug or substance – not even alcohol – for the same reason Eddie became a teetotaller, as he has an addictive personality, and its hard to keep your body in top shape by having beer or junk food daily like everyone involved in the WWE grind.

  • Adam

    Vince burned that bridge, and Jeff has too much integrity to forget it for millions like Bret Hart did.

  • Jeff Hardy, the Charasmatic Enema! 😀

  • Lane

    @Adam What the Hell are you takling about? What Bridge W????s burnt with Hardy? ?????????w can you compare the intergrity of a drug addict to that of Bret Hart or what those that even have to do with anything? You just sound like a kid

  • RCmaster305

    next time can you put wich hardy is talking in the title

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