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HBK Booed at RAW, Kane Tweets Stephanie, Big E Langston

– Big E Langston tweeted about failing to capture gold with two title shots after last night’s DQ win over United States Champion Dean Ambrose:

“The number of different ways I can be screwed out of a title shot is rapidly growing.”

– Kane tweeted Stephanie McMahon after tonight’s RAW:

“It’s what’s best for business, @StephMcMahon. #RAW”

– Shawn Michaels received a lot of boos from the crowd at RAW last night when referees helped him to the back after the Yes Lock from Daniel Bryan.

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  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    so like even though wwe wont is the storyline going to ahead did like when bray wyatt and that carried kane off was it to brainwash him cause looks like the wyatt family are with triple hhh also

    • Lara_P1

      corporate ministry 2.0

      • mika009

        The McMahon/Helmsley Corporate Ministry Era 2.0.

  • Guest

    Shawn Michaels deserves to be booed until his dying breath.

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      Butt “The shitman” Hurt fan right there!

      • SdotC

        You should have said “Butt ‘The Shitman’ Fart”, considering the crude humor you were going for lol.

        “If you put the letter S in front of the word ‘Hitman’, you have my exact opinion of Bret Hart”…classic. Ahh, the days where Stone Cold would encourage addicts to relapse and beat up his handicapped friend– the late, more-than-great Little Raspy Cripple. And get a better babyface reaction than Triple H at Wrestlemania 29. Lol!

        • Anonymous Raw GM

          i did consider the Fart foundation to sound crude, but then i realized Butt Hurt fan sounds more legit xD

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