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HBK Speculation, Backstage News on Aksana, Michael Hayes

– Michael Hayes, who has been involved with WWE creative for a long time, has been away for a few weeks now. Hayes was given some time off to deal with some personal things and there’s no timetable for his return.

– For what it’s worth, a lot of people backstage at Monday’s RAW were wondering if Shawn Michaels getting involved at Hell In a Cell will lead to his in-ring return at WrestleMania XXX.

– There are a number of people within WWE, including Triple H, who feel that Aksana has something special and they want to keep her around.

Source: PWInsider

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  • luuig

    I hope Hayes’ personal problems get resolved but I also hope he stays away. There have been too many incidents involving him and racial issues backstage.

  • Tim van Wijngaarden

    I love HBK, but I don’t want him in the ring as a wrestler anymore. His retirement was perfect, and I’m afraid any match he’ll have now might taint his legacy.

    Also: Aksana something special? Don’t make me laugh.

  • The_Fearless_Diva

    OK if Aksana was something special the WWE, should have pushed her years ago.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    ‘Something special’ is code talk, people. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

  • tt2000

    Aksana is good. She’s one of the few legitimate comedy characters around and she was awesome on the old NXT.

  • Ya Boy J Black

    Before you go and trash Aksana, she definitely is special. No one has had that accent and look like her. Also go look at her with Cesaro. She would lay all the way out on the apron, and a lot of little things that would make her stand out.

    • The_Fearless_Diva

      I don’t see nothing special about Aksana.

      • JustPro

        Aksana is pretty decent in the ring… I think she could go as over as Layla… She just needs direction which for most Superstars they need creative to find something for her… I think if repackaged or something could burst her on the scene…. Instead of making her top divas punching bag have her play a bigger role…. She is hot as hell and can wrestle….

        • The_Fearless_Diva

          I respect your opinion but she can’t wrestle and Layla is better than Aksana.

  • Steve

    It’s gonna be HBK vs HHH at WM. book it.

    • TheJRock890

      That’s already been done. Their SS 2002 match was the greatest match those two have had and nothing may ever be able to approach that. What I’d like to see would be HBK vs Daniel Bryan.

      • JustPro

        I am hoping HBK be face instead of heel but I am afraid he is going to pull one on Bryan making Randy Orton champion… Or HBK could go with Bryan sense both are the same not ideally Face of the business material and too small… WWE can go either way…

  • Devon

    HBK stated himself he wont wrestle ever again. Hope he sticks to his word.

  • Aksana.fan

    Aksana does have something special

  • Sidney Ruff

    Aksana is a skank! Hbk needs to be made a general manager of one of the shows because the ones they have are “not good for business!”

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