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Hell In A Cell Tickets On Sale, Gawker No More

– Tickets for Hell in a Cell are now on sale. The show is October 30 and comes from the famous TD Garden in Massachusetts. The preview for the pay per view reads,

“Since its introduction in 1997, Hell in a Cell has settled countless rivalries. Last year, Brock Lesnar warred with The Undertaker and Roman Reigns battled Bray Wyatt inside the dangerous environment. Which Superstars will enter Hell in a Cell this year?”

РGawker is no more after having to sell due to losing Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit. In March, Hogan scored a $115 million lawsuit victory for the site publishing his sex tape without his permission. Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, who holds a grudge against Gawker for publishing his sexuality online several years ago, funded Hogan’s lawsuit. The site is mostly older articles now and can be seen by clicking here.

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