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Help Support Susan G. Komen With Cena T-Shirt Purchase

As reported earlier, WWE announced a partnership with “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” featuring John Cena co-branded, pink and black ring gear, which he premiered at Night of Champions PPV. You can purchase your own special-edition Cena merchandise at live events and online at WWE will donate 100% of its profits (at least 30% of the retail purchase price) to the charity.

“Breast cancer is a devastating disease, and we’re committed to using WWE’s global resources to support Komen’s fight to end breast cancer forever,” said Cena. “I’ll be proud to wear pink in the ring to support this great cause.”

Cena also helped host a VIP event for the Massachusetts Affiliate of “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” breast cancer survivors at last Sunday’s pay-per-view, you can check out a photo from the event below. Cena has also created a team to participate in this year’s 20th Anniversary Race on October 20th in South Boston. Anyone can join his team and help support all women in the fight against breast cancer.

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  • Real Kosher

    wow, so they’ll count this towards boosting cena merch sales then i guess?…they should take dolphs pink shirt and throw on a breast cancer ribbon and start to sale that…”Its not showing off if you can back it up” could play into beating breast cancer or something

  • rob

    I’ve walked in a couple breast cancer funded thing events but I still will not buy a John Cena shirt…

  • matthew

    fck cena

  • maxpower

    Wow! WWE found a way for people to buy a Cena shirt using Cancer. Why is it only Cena’s crappy shirt? I think all the smart people knows why.

  • bobbyy rooooooodddeee

    not saying i am, but the only way in hell id ever buy a cena shirt is for a cause like this

  • Connie

    Tried to purchase shirt and it wont allow the tabs are greyed out

  • Me

    Try again, Connie. It’s working fine now.

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