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Hernandez Takes Nasty Bump, Gawker Files Motion Against Hogan

– At Friday’s TNA live event in Hidalgo, Texas, Hernandez reportedly took a nasty bump during a TNA Tag Team Championship match. Hernandez missed Gallows while jumping out of the ring and took the bump directly to the concrete floor. Medical staff came out to assist Hernandez to the back.

– TMZ reported Gawker Media filed a motion to dismiss Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against them for publishing clips and a review of the Hogan-Heather Clem sex tape.

Gawker claims that as a news organization, they don’t have to reveal their source for the video and that the story was newsworthy, so they should not be on the hook for the minute amount of the footage that they’ve run on their website. They are scheduled for a November 8th hearing.

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  • rob

    In t

  • rob

    ^^ keyboard smash fail…..

  • Lisa


  • Banana

    Hogan wouldn’t be dealing with all of this if he wasn’t such an idiot.

  • Brody Lawrence

    According to another wrestling site Hernandez only dislocated 2 fingers and should be all right. That’s great. I’ve always liked him. He reminds me of my favorite ECW wrestler Mike Awesome (Not the joke WCW & WWE made out of him). Plus I’ve met him at 2 separate autograph signings while with LAX & Mexican America when he was supposedly a heel and he was really jovial & super nice. I’m glad that TNA is giving him a chance to shine again and hope this injury doesn’t hinder him. Arriba Super Mex!!

    I’ll leave it there and not even further mention Huckster’s..lawsuit..thing.

  • Adam

    Gawker should lose, although it is a US court…
    Illegally obtaining private material and screening it is against the law, even for a pseudo news company or a real news company. “public interest” doesnt work as a good excuse and never has over private matters like this. It would be okay to say there was one, but publishing it in part or full is illegal, and they should go down for it, just like many news organisations before them.

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