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Heyman & Punk Continue to Mock Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack, JBL Comments on the Angle

– WWE has come under fire from some fans online for last night’s RAW where they aired the video of EMT’s working on Jerry Lawler after his recent heart attack. Fans are also voicing their concern over the angle with CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocked Lawler’s heart attack.

Punk, Heyman and JBL have been tweeting about the angle since last night’s RAW ended. Here are some comments:

JBL: “For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat”

CM Punk: “I saved a mans life. #longliveheyman”

“You people are pigs. I saved a mans life tonight. This isn’t something you joke about. PIGS. #learnCPR”

“Fact: @JohnCena is the doctor of thuganomics. I’m a real doctor, and I know CPR.”

One fan commented, “Jesus, Paul Heyman really does hate Jerry Lawler.” Heyman replied:

“Jesus already knew that!”

Another fan commented that Heyman and Lawler will never get along. Heyman replied:


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  • John

    lisa should be here in ………..

  • Bad News Bro

    I was dreading that WWE was going to do some bullshit angle and exploit Jerry’s situation, but this wasn’t too bad. There’s nothing that Punk said that Jerry Lawler himself would not have said 20, Hell, even 10 years ago. And seeing as how he’s been a big supporter of Punk for a while and is still a true heel at heart, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that he loved that segment. In the end, it was good television. Punk got major heat, and Lawler’s still alive and kicking. It’s still definitely not on par with nearly everything in the months following Eddie Guerrero’s passing.

    If anything, I was more put off by the footage. Not even just the airing of the footage, but the idea and lingering suspicions as to why in the hell someone would be filming any of that.

  • Tyler

    Am I the only one who absolutely loved that entire segment last night? WWE has done a lot more distasteful things than that. It’s a TV SHOW people. I am sure Jerry Lawler was more than willing to participate in that. Remember just last year they had Michael Cole rip on Jerry Lawler’s mom after her passing. Now that I agree was distasteful, but Jerry Lawler survived his heart attack, he is alive and well (which I think we can all agree we are thankful for) and if he is fine with doing a segment like this about himself than more power to WWE. That was some serious heat last night.

  • disgusting..

  • Tyler

    However, I do agree with Bad News Bro about the footage itself. That was a little weird and probably not the best thing to show. I think just Michael Cole giving a brief explanation of what happened would have been enough.


    That’s VKM for you, that ride home on the corporate jet wasn’t free….

  • Mick

    What steers this angle away from Eddie Guerrero exploitation in 2006 is that Eddie passed, so one would ask if he’d actually let his name be exploited the way it was (which in itself was way cheaper than Lawler/Punk, since it tried to get Chavo over, which failed, then got Orton over unnecessarily, because heel Orton without that was sufficient enough). This is using a person who is alive’s name, so surely Lawler had to be okay with it. After all, there was still an endgame of putting Punk AND Lawler over even more. Mick Foley’s speech on Lawler pretty much sold such an angle to come on TV. No names were dragged into the mud, everything was balanced in the end.

  • Fuck Off

    I guess heart attacks are all fun and games now. Jerry could have lost his life, and WWE feels the need to make jokes about it. What a classy organization. It’s tasteless.

  • rob

    Everything is fucking to politically correct these days. The segment was fucking hilarious.

  • SdotC

    Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania 28 “that suit would give Brother Love a heart attack” — referencing Johnny Ace wearing a suit that looked like an old Brother Love getup. Brother Love was portrayed by Bruce Prichard, who is currently in TNA and had suffered a near-fatal heart attack just prior to Wrestlemania.

    So all of you claiming this is insensitive, would you please SHUT. THE HELL. UP!

    Jerry Lawler himself made a very similar joke about a man he’s known for 20 years! So do you idiots STILL think the angle was insensitive to Jerry? Well obviously Jerry didn’t, and if he did (which I doubt considering the shit this guy used to say as a heel) that would make him a huge hypocrite.

    The WWE turned Sgt. Slaughter, a beloved patriotic wrestler, into an Iraqi sympathizer during the Persian Gulf War because they needed a main event for Wrestlemania. They promoted Roddy Piper making blatantly racist comments and performing blatantly racist actions on many occasions. Undertaker tried to embalm Steve Austin, rape Stephanie McMahon, and he hung the Big Bossman! They had Triple H molest a corpse in a Kane mask. How about everything the Mr. McMahon character has ever done ever? And lest we forget the aforementioned shameless use of Eddie Guerrero’s death for attention, AND subsequently turning his widow into a heel and having people like…idk, Jerry Lawler, call her fat every chance he gets. Yet you guys are seriously offended by the fact that they used Jerry’s heart attack as material even though Lawler did the exact same thing at Wrestlemania?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

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