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Heyman Taunts HBK, Match Still On for SummerSlam, Nasty Linda Hogan

- Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Hogan appears in a thong for rapper Ricky Romance’s new music video “MILF.” TMZ has coverage up of the video shoot and they mention that Linda shot a scene where she was making sandwiches in an animal print bikini.

You can see the photos here on WNZ.

– Paul Heyman wrote the following on Twitter about Shawn Michaels following last night’s RAW:

“I hope @ShawnMichaels recovers from this very quickly. It’s terrible he got taken out before @WWE #SummerSlam. But those are the breaks!”

– While it wasn’t mentioned on last night’s RAW, PWInsider reports that Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow is still booked for Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view from Los Angeles.

  • Ron Groves

    Heyman and Lesner are both real pieces of work. Good thing crap floats otherwise they’d both drown. If HBK’s arm is really broken, if I were him I’d be looking to sue somebody’s ass. Personally, I am sick of seeing HOF’ers and retired wrestlers be treated like crap for the sake of “entertainment”. You can’t tell me for a minute that Vince didn’t know this stuff was going to happen. Lesner makes me sick!!! I don’t respect him and I NEVER will. And while I am thinking about it I am so sick of the “SOCIAL MEDIA” hype I could just puke!!! (Oh pardon me, I forgot the hashtag). Grow the blazes up and get back to wrestling.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ You’re a fucking idiot. HHH turned up a few weeks later with his arm magically healed. I’ve had my arm broken, it took at least 6 weeks before I had the cast off. The way Lesnar applies the Kimura… almost CAN’T break someone’s arm unless he twists it all the way round. You’re suppose to twist the arm up into the air rather than around the persons back, that’s not a proper kimura you dope. How you can talk ill of Paul Heyman is disgusting, you’re a real piece of work. I bet you’ve only been watching WWE for the past year.

    Tell me, do you REALLY think someone like HBK or Jim Duggan or Roddy Piper could beat Lesnar up? Not in a million years… so why are they going to do it in a staged scenario? Beating up HBK just adds more hype to the King of Shovels. I don’t care about when HOF’ers are beaten up on TV… it’s pretty fucking easy to put someone over or make someone look pretty fucking heel when they do it. Get a clue.

  • Chelsii.

    Also… hurrrrrrrrrrr. How can Linda be so skanky?

  • Fritz

    Change your tampon chelsii, there’s no need to be a raging cunt to everybody. Dude is supposed to be disgusted at the treatment of legends and not like Lesner and Heyman. It’s called being a fan. It’s about suspending your belief for a couple hours and being entertained. Why should anybody have to be so “smart” that they suck every bit of fun out of the show?

  • Chelsii.

    He’s acting like Lesnar has legitimately assaulted HBK and doesn’t understand anything about wrestling.

  • Striker9

    Ron…..I didn’t know WWE was REAL! I’m gonna stop watching UFC and stick to just WWE! He snapped his arm like a twig!! DAMN…….SMFH.

  • Hawkins


  • rob

    @Ron Groves you still think its real dont you?

  • Coolquip

    @Ron Groves
    Kayfabe LIVES!

  • Ron Groves

    My goodness it appears I touched nerve. I don’t need lectures from anyone as to what wrestling is suppose to be. I know what it is and what it’s suppose to be, and yes I even know how to suspend my belief. I have also been to enough live wrestling matches to know that real injuries do sometimes occur. I have seen a wrestler get his leg snapped in the ring, (his name was Ronn Starr) and I happened to be sitting in the front row. I am sure that lots of what goes on is fake, it doesn’t change my opinion. I have been a rabid wrestling fan for more than 50 years. If any of you wrestling Einstein’s happen to know who Red Bastein was, (without looking in your Wrestling Encyclopedia’s), he was the promoter handling things the night that I saw Ronn Starr’s leg broken. I don’t really care if anyone agrees with me. I do find the venom spewed at my opinions indicitive of the caliber of “fan” WWE caters to these days.

  • GunShark

    Lesnar knew what he was doing. If he really wanted to break Shawn’s arm, he would have applied the Kimura Lock correctly, instead of how he does it in WWE. He could have done the same to Cena or HHH. But he didn’t.

    Sometimes, though, no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. The same holds true in any profession. It’s a part of life.

    R.I.P. Red Bastien. The man was a damn fine wrestler. One half of the tag team The Flying Redheads, with Billy Red Lyons, considered by some to be the greatest tag team of all time. The closest modern day comparison to Bastien would be Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Also, he became a trainer to, and was very instrumental in starting the wrestling careers of, The Ultimate Warrior and Sting.

  • Ron Groves

    I realize Lesner knew what he was doing. My whole point is I do not like the character, and even outside of WWE I haven’t seen much I like of the man. Even if Michael’s injury is faked, (and I covered for that possibility in my first post), personally I don’t find it entertaining to watch someone be intentionally injured. There are enough real injuries that happen to good hard working wrestlers, without injuries being faked. In the old days injuries weren’t faked, and I just happen to believe that part of “wrestling” isn’t necessary.

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