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Heyman’s Association with Punk, WWE Payback Poster, More on Eve at NXT

– Brock Lesnar is featured on the promotional poster for WWE’s Payback pay-per-view so it looks like he will be working that event:


– Regarding Paul Heyman spending most of his time on RAW with Brock Lesnar, he has not been split from his association with CM Punk. The feeling is that Heyman isn’t needed in the segments with Punk and The Undertaker.

– We noted before that former WWE Diva Eve Torres met with some of the potential new Diva talents at NXT recently. Part of the reason Eve was there was so she could explain to the women what the WWE lifestyle on the road is like so they have an idea about what they’re getting into.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • YM5

    YAY!!! I’m a thug tho

  • Xbias

    I really hope that we get to see Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar at Payback. A hard hitting match, getting Sheamus over, with Brock Lesnar giving him the beating of a live time, but Sheamus keeps getting up, where Brock gives him everything he has. I don’t know if this couldn’t be played out so that Brock Lesnar wins, but Sheamus comes out strong, in the search of the WHC.

  • coolkdd1

    Poster could be a fake, I’ve seen this pic on extreme rules dvd with him and cena on it.

  • Jason

    I live in chicago! I gotta see payback now live! Now all i need is a job….