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Heyman’s New Nickname, Ziggler’s Pink Going Away?, Trailer for Wrestler Documentary

– Former WWE star Shad Gaspard is now pursuing a career in film and television. Here is a trailer for “Beast Mode: Life After Wrestling” which is a documentary he has been working on:

– Several fans pointed out that Dolph Ziggler isn’t wearing his pink t-shirt now that John Cena’s new pink gear to fight breast cancer has been released. WWE’s shop website currently has Dolph’s pink merchandise 40% off.

– In case you missed it on RAW last night, Paul Heyman is now calling himself “The Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless” after siding with WWE Champion CM Punk.

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  • Jay

    Fuck you cena ..

  • havok

    really, cause both superstars cant support breast cancer…it only gets to be a cena thing

  • Real Kosher

    yea did you not notice that sandow didn’t have pink shorts on either…pretty lame IMO…

    and really WNZ? Heyman calls himself that once and you are now reporting that this is his new nickname?…dude marc middleton you suck as a wrestling reporter bro

  • matthew

    cenas has pink so people wont boo him. hopefully they still boo his pg ass

  • Jay

    I mean I’m mad that Cena took Ziggler’s pink. But I think Dolph is better off because his new color seems to be Sky or Carolina blue. Which more guys will buy shirts of that color and is a color that no WWE star has ever “claimed” (Undertaker-Purple, HHH-Green,…)

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m glad Ziggler’s not wearing pink anymore – THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT. Because too many people, for one reason or another, want to call Dolph Ziggler “the next” whatever.

    At first it was – “Oh, he’s the next Mr. Perfect.”
    Then it was – “The next Ric Flair”
    And then he started wearing pink and I heard (not necessarily from here) – “Oh, he’s trying to be the next Bret Hart.”

    In the immortal words of Daniel Bryan: NO, NO, NO! He’s going to be the first Dolph Ziggler, it doesn’t matter what color he’s wearing, and if you’re not down with that…

    Okay, sorry. Got a bit carried away with the catchphrases. Moving on.

    @Jay I dunno so much about major stars “claiming” colors anymore. I mean, just when we thought Sheamus had a lock on green…which would have made sense. Hell, put all green trunks on him, stand him sideways and he’d look like the flag of freakin’ Ireland from waist to hair. But then he switched to black and red. If anyone coulda ‘claimed a color’ it’d have been Cena. But… hell. WNZ just added a link to an article with every shirt and color Cena’s worn. If Cena’s staked a permanent claim on every color he’s ever worn, the rest of the WWE roster would have to wrestle naked. I don’t think Cena will keep the pink past Halloween, so we’ll see what happens then. Personally, I think Ziggler could rock black and silver, or something shiny, like Chris Jer–okay, maybe not THAT shiny.

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