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Triple H on HBK’s Raw Comments, Wrestlers He Ripped & More

WWE posted another interview with Triple H by Michael Cole this week. Here are a few highlights:

* Triple H started the interview by saying that he was tight on time, and requested that they continue the discussion on SmackDown.

* Triple H mentioned that the incidents over the past few weeks have not had any effect on his relationship with Shawn Michaels. He said that while they don’t always agree on business, they have similar philosophies about the business and personal lives.

* Triple H commented on Michaels’ remarks about him changing. He said that they didn’t bother him and Michaels doesn’t fully understand his role, and that no one can unless they’ve had his responsibilities.

* Triple H admitted that Daniel Bryan was “exceptional” in the ring and may have gone over the top suggesting that Michaels wasted his time training him.

* In regards to the names he mentioned during his promo on Raw (Jericho, Edge, RVD), he said that he wasn’t putting them down and that they’re all great.

* Triple H continued to say that Daniel Bryan is not “the one.”

* When Cole brought up that people feel that Shawn Michaels is the wrong guy for the referee job, Triple H said Michaels “will do the right thing,” and that’s all he wants.

* The interview ended with Triple H saying that Bryan just has to do one thing this Sunday, and that is to step inside the Cell and prove him wrong.

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  • Casaer

    “The interview ended with Triple H saying that Bryan just has to do one
    thing this Sunday, and that is to step inside the Cell and prove him wrong”

    this is what happens when you don’t have competition, they can put on the same fucking main event for 3 months straight. anyone want to start a wrestling company with me?

    • Trey Doss

      it’s called a feud man SOME wrestling fans get bored to damn quickly

      • P1

        That is the problem with many of todays wrestling fans, short attention span. I recall some of the best rivalries lasted months and some even nearly a year. Raven and Dreamer fueded for a year in ECW and it was awesome, Sting vs Hogan and the NWO lasted 7plus months, Taker vs Kane (when he first debuted in 97) lasted months, and these were among the best rivalries in wrestling history. I prefer a long and well developed storylines over monthly changes to characters that are feuding and then a month later are buddies for no reason.

        • Casaer

          don’t be slow guys. i not talking about a fucking feud. im talking about the fact that daniel bryan has already won the belt twice now in 2 months and is told that he must do it all over again to be legit. this storyline buildup is on repeat 3x and the fact that it’s actually keeping you guys in suspense shows how complacent you guys have become with bad storyline writing.

          • Rotnerd

            all in the story, I am enjoying the ride.

      • Mohamed Abdo

        When it becomes boring .. this past raw ended with a great characters but with a bad bad segment .. WTH ? . I got bored of this feud . I got bored of Punk-Heyman feud .. as I said before .. something special must happen .

        • Trey Doss

          that’s also a problem folks don’t have patience and wait for a bigger payoff example all those weeks of big show crying lead to him koing hhh

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