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Beer Money to WWE? – HHH’s Tag Plans, HHH’s New Right Hand Man and More

– As noted before, The Baltimore Sun wrestling writer Kevin Eck has been hired by WWE for the creative team. Eck will be the person that works with Triple H on talent grooming that we have wrote about recently. Word is that Eck will start with WWE the day after SummerSlam.

– Triple H is serious on introducing new talents through vignettes and promos. It’s also being said that Triple H is interested in reviving the WWE Tag Team division. Word is that they are really starting to recruit tag teams and see if some names are under contract to other promotions.

There has been talk internally about The Brisco Brothers but they are signed to Ring of Honor. There has also been a lot of talk about TNA’s Beer Money and bringing them in once they are able to get away from TNA.

Regarding the Kings of Wrestling – Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli coming, the talk is that they will indeed be brought in together as a tag team and not singles wrestlers.

Source: PWInsider

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  • blayne

    i like this idea of reviving the tag team divison

  • Joe

    get the machine guns

  • echo

    the dudleys, let the hardys beat the hell out of crotunga and mcgilishitty, air kingston would be great (kofi and evan)

  • SnakeLestat28

    Finally, the tag team division gets a spotlight, too late for the new hart foundation, but BEER MONEY??? SERIOUSLY??? this is the happiest thing that will happen if ever they get transferred to WWE. I hope they can keep the beer mobile and thier redneck gimmick.

  • DietoLive

    i like how TNA is ripped on for getting WWE people, but when its the other way around, its a great idea

    • ButICouldBeWrong

      I have to agree with you on that one. But like most subjects,there are double standards. This is one of them.

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