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Hogan Address Lack of Title Match, Impact Wrestling’s Viewership News

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling did 1,340,000 viewers, up from last week’s 1,224,000.

– Hulk Hogan addressed the lack of a title match on Thursday’s episode of Impact and the lack of weekly TV Title defenses on Twitter. Replying to a Twitter question about the subjects, Hogan said he’s “still going back and forth with Dixie over that,” referring to Creative discussions with TNA president Dixie Carter.

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  • Fuck Off

    The TV Title hasn’t been defended on TV in months, so why complain about it now?

  • jayman

    the tv champ isnt even in tna anymore

  • Tom

    they should have a tornament and put the Tna TV Title on one of their stars like Bulluy Ray or someone so that the title can be relevent.

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