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Hogan Agrees TNA Needs to Move from Impact Zone, Impact Post Show

– Embedded in the video below is this week’s TNA Impact Post show with Christopher Daniels, Taryn Tarrell, ODB, British Boot Camp Cast, and More.

– Hulk Hogan agreed with a Twitter follower that the Impact Zone was “killing the product.”

@HulkHogan I love TNA bro but you gotta get out of the impact zone, it’s killing the product

@krischeurer agreed HH tell Dixie. HH

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  • Z…..

    if anything is killing the product, its hulk hogan, eric bischoff, and bruce pritchard

  • TonyT

    Moving out of the Impact Zone will accomplish nothing…ECW worked out of a bingo hall for YEARS and did better then TNA.

    TNA needs to change their product. Get back to WRESTLING. Get Hogan off the air…I’m not saying entirely, but reduce his air time substantially.

    And quit forcing Garrett Bischoff down our throats! Yeah, OK, he’s one of the ‘bosses’ sons, I get that….but damn, even The Rock didn’t get pushed as fast as this kid.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Hey Huckster, how about we all agree that YOU, your sex tape scandal, hiring your useless daughter to do nothing, and putting your useless ass on the air for 1/4 of every Impact is killing the product. You want to improve TNA? You, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard take a 20 foot walk off a 15 foot rooftop. TNA ratings would go straight up. And all of you can fall to hell for all we care.

  • John

    @Brody–LOL!!! I just tweeted your sentiments to the “Huckster’s” Twitter page. Well said!! LOL!!!

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