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Hogan Talks Working Out, Divas on TV This Tuesday, Langston

– Big E Langston recently did an interview with the Bucky’s 5th Quarter website about his time with WWE and his college football days.

– It was recently reported that Hulk Hogan has been training like crazy for a potential WWE return. Hogan tweeted about his workouts:

“Sundays are really different when it’s also a arm day brother HH”

“After turning the dial up the this last month my body is finally waking up to the food,rest and workouts! It only took like 2weeks before HH”

“I guess that’s part of the deal when you are 60yrs young,arms then embarrass the 20yr olds playing volley ball today N beach brother HH”

– The Bella Twins, Cameron and Naomi will be appearing on The Steve Harvey Show this Tuesday, November 5th to promote WWE Total Divas. Here’s a photo from the episode:

Total Divas on Steve Harvey

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  • Devon

    I want Hogan back in wwe but if he is gonna wrestle he should return as a rumble entrant or face Cena

    • Rotnerd

      If Cena an Hogan should face, Cena shouldn’t have the belt at the time. i doubt Hogan will lose again and it will be hard to believe that Hogan could win if Rock didn’t last year. I don’t think it can work.

      • Devon


  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    It would be cool if the Rumble came down to Punk & Hogan, and Punk eliminates him to win. Then Bryan wins the WWE Title at EC, setting up Punk vs Bryan on last. Then, have Hogan win a battle royal or something on Raw to get a shot at Cena’s WHC in the co-feature. The last 3 matches at WM30- Hogan vs Cena, followed by Brock vs Taker, with Punk vs Bryan on last.

    • KingBack

      Punk vs Bryan would not stand a chance main eventing if Hogan vs Cena and Lesnar vs Taker was on the card.

      • Jake_Orton

        If WWE let Punk and Bryan go at with full control over their match, it would an easy Match of the Year candidate.

        • Rotnerd

          prob best match from the last few years, if they had total control

        • KingBack

          Who will have the best match doesn’t really matter to be honest.
          The main event will 9/10 times be the match with most drawing power and Cena vs Hogan or Taker vs Lesnar is a bigger matches than Punk vs Bryan.

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        It would be if it was a 60-minute Iron Man Match, and was promoted as this generation’s Bret vs Shawn. Also, don’t forget that Hogan vs Rock was one of the biggest matches of all time, and still didn’t close the show. Sometimes, the show-closer is meant to send a message, like this is the future. WM30 is the perfect place for a match like Punk-Bryan closing.

        PS- also, it would be too risky having a 60-year-old man closing the show. Punk vs Bryan is certain to be a classic, and the goal should be to end Mania on the strongest note possible.

        • Rotnerd

          I agree and would love to see Bryan vs Punk share a main event WM together but I can see Vince and co not wanting it to close it out. Even though it should.

        • KingBack

          I strongly doubt Punk vs Bryan will be given 60 minutes at Wrestlemania.

      • Devon

        I agree. If those 3 would happen Punk vs Bryan would go on 3rd to last or 2nd to last. If it is gonna be takers last match I bet Taker would main event no matter who he faces. But if taker isn’t gonna retire and Hogan wrestles, then I bet Hogan would main event. I want Punk vs Bryan for the belt as the main event.

    • Rotnerd

      Hogan and cena would take top stop, stupid but true.

  • zip

    It looks like Punk vs. Auston is history for good.

    • Rotnerd

      Austin seems to have no interest, he always said he was open and then the last few months he is just like no. I think he realizes it is getting close and he doesn’t want to put the work in or risk his body now.


    It would be hilarious if he came back and got a 30 day vay-kay for violating the wellness policy…

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