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How HHH’s Haircut Will Fit Into Storylines, WWE Happy with TMZ?, More

– We all know by now that Triple H cut his hair last week after TMZ broke the story with a photo of Triple H and a few fans outside of WWE headquarters. We know now that the haircut will play into the Brock Lesnar storyline, likely something along the lines that Triple H is retired after Lesnar broke his arm at SummerSlam and he’s so serious about retiring that he did what others have done when they retire – cut their hair off. As we have noted, plans remain in place for a Triple H vs. Lesnar rematch.

A WWE source pointed out how Triple H just happened to be “caught” by TMZ outside of WWE headquarters with a fan who just happened to be wearing a Triple H t-shirt. The source found it interesting that TMZ was given this access when they have been the ones to first reveal WWE arrests including Cameron’s recent DUI arrest. The feeling is that WWE officials are happy with TMZ covering them.


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  • Wrestling Troll

    If this fits into the Brock Lesnar then I say Undetaker should return. Not at Hell In A Cell, but in Survivor Series.

  • Wrestling Troll

    Brock Lesnar Storyline*

  • Fritz

    Why does a haircut have to have a storyline? Why did Undertaker have to give his wig a haircut on tv, aren’t we smart enough to understand that in his year off he got a haircut?

  • Jbreed

    It sounds kind of lame but it’s not as bad some of the current storylines like the Kane/Daniel Bryan crap going on.

  • GunShark

    ^ The Bryan/Kane storyline is one of the most entertaining, well executed (by the wrestlers involved) storylines WWE has come up with in a long time. Yes, it is campy and cheesy, but wrestling needs that from time to time. If it is all serious, all the time, it gets boring. The same could be said about being all campy, all the time. A mixture of both can keep things interesting, and being interesting is something in which WWE has been sorely lacking.

    Kane and Bryan have played their roles in this perfectly. However, I do fear that WWE will screw this up, as they do all good things, by either dragging it out too long, or by introducing changes too quickly mid-stride. I’m going more towards the latter here, as I have previously stated that Kane and Bryan were thrust into the tag team title hunt too soon.

    In any case, I still love this angle right now, and will continue to enjoy it for what it is: fun. I wish you could, too, but it’s cool if you don’t.

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