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How Will Ryback vs. Punk at HIAC End?, Why Lesnar Might Not Interfere and More

– As would be expected, WWE creative is having a hard time coming up with a finish for the Ryback vs. CM Punk match at Hell In a Cell.

They don’t want to have Ryback lose but also do not want to switch the WWE Title before the Royal Rumble in January. They also don’t want to end the pay-per-view with a screwjob and obviously can’t do a DQ finish inside the Cell. Officials also do not want to end the show with Big Show vs. Sheamus so it appears they are going to end up having to do something that they do not want to do.

There has been a lot of online speculation about Brock Lesnar interfering to cost Ryback the match with the idea of Ryback vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania 29. This would create a number of issues including messing up plans for Triple H’s revenge on Lesnar and the extra cost of using Lesnar on another pay-per-view above what he is contracted for.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Austin

    Serves you Assholes right WWE for not making it a triple threat match which would of been the easiest way to book ryback at Hell in a cell

  • Rybork

    They could simply add someone to the match, preferably John Cena. Also Brock could interfere which could lead to a Survivor Series match, in which Triple-H can get his revenge while Ryback and Brock can also start a feud. Come on creative, i can think of solutions off the top of my head, they should be able to think of much more if they really are ‘creative’.

  • Jeff

    If they don’t want to have Ryback lose,then make him win the match and have Vince or someone strip him of the title a week or so later..

  • TheSteel

    They Should have Cena interfere and Cost ryback the match .. turn cena heel and start feud with ryback

  • loyd

    They could have the match end in a no contest. Both Punk and Ryback be unable to answer the 10 count. Dont want to see Lesnar here.

  • Heisenberg

    The Ryback vs CM Punk match will be either mind blowing or a disaster. We’ll just have to wait and see. Pressure is on to wwe creative. I’m routing for Ryback in this one.

  • Chelsii.

    They could just end it on a no contest… have some crazy shit which eats up the rest of the time and have to go off the air then.

  • why doesent punk go for a small package and ryback rolls and bout shoulders are down

  • AlYerPal


  • TheSteel

    Have Cena Cost Ryback The Match (Turning Cena Heel) .. Then start AFeud Between Cena and Ryback

  • Tyler

    Pay Brock the extra money to show up at the PPV. Have Heyman raise the cell to let Brock in and Punk out. Brock beats up Ryback, but with Ryback having some good offense first. Then Heyman lifts the cell and Brock puts Ryback under it, with Punk pinning him. HHH has Lesnar arrested and Heyman kicked out unless he comes back for One More Match (TM) at WM. Ryback and Punk have a rematch on Raw, which spills backstage, and ends in a huge brawl. Punk manages to escape and return to the ring to lift the belt high. Cena comes out, hits Punk, and tells him to starting counting down instead of counting up, because his title reign is over come SS. Even have Ryback in that match if you want it.

  • stone cold

    hhh ego can only go so far

  • FacePuncher

    ^ HHH’s ego stretches far beyond where the eye can see my friend. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the one to end Rybacks streak

  • Guerilla Monsoon

    You guys have weak booking ideas.

    Including Cena in a triple threat, the guy that already main events 99% of the PPVs? NO!

    Double pin in a cage match? NO!

    Outside shenanigans resulting in no contest? That just further shows WWE’s lack of commitment and originality.

    It’s times like these that the wrestling world needs to man up and commit to doing things the old fashion way…have a good wrestling match and have a decisive winner.

    If the WWE can’t handle it, then they should just admit that they are WCW 2000. Ryback wins via pin, Punk by hitting GTS three times in a row, Lesnar interference if they absolutely have to, or Cena heel turn I guess (he will still be boring old man Cena even if he is a heel).

  • carlos

    create a new nexus or something like that make them attack ryback and punk.

  • Kedo2

    @Tyler should be hired as a creative :!

  • rees69

    Ezekial Jackson is returning, have him interfere, cost Ryback the match, join Heyman, and Ryback will have a really tough feud for the 1st time and build him up some more until he is ready for the main event.

  • Jbreed

    It’s too early for Ryback to win the belt and at the same time a loss would hurt his main event push. The WWE really backed themselves into a corner this time. Maybe the best way to go is for Brock Lesnar to cost Ryback the match. Screw Triple H/Brock Lesnar at WM 29. Lesnar and Ryback would be awesome.

  • why would they make cena turn heel when they had him, on RAW, give Ryback the chance to fight punk? and who would be top face then?

  • Z…..

    I said this last week, and it looks like something we were all saying is absolutely right. they shouldnt have taken the risk of having him as a possibility in the first place. at this point, I feel it is a lose-lose-lose situation for wwe. if ryback wins, its obvious why its a loss. If punk wins, and hold s on to the title until the Royal Rumble and loses it to the rock, its a loss b/c it makes what would be, by then, an over 1 year long reign look like garbage and will make it seem like the rock is worthy over everyone in the entire company of being champion after not being in the ring regularly for almost a decade. if punk wins, loses to someone else before the royal rumble, and then that person loses to the rock, it will also seem like it makes punks reign look worse, the person who beats him’s reign will look like a fluke, and they will seem like a transitional champion. Pretty much, wwe backed themseelves into a corner

  • FacePuncher

    They will never turn Cena heel. Im no Cena fan but as much as i’d like to see it happen as it might make his character fresh and interesting again WWE just makes too much money selling his crap to kids. They just wont risk turning him

  • Kedo2

    @FacePuncher … yes we hear this song for too long …

  • Z…..

    just realized that wwe literally has no top faces that are viable other than cena. punk, bryan, orton, ziggler, etc. are all much better heels and benefit more by being heels

  • Tommy

    why not do the same thing they did at NOC with the draw between cena and punk. I mean ya its a bullshit finish but it’s seems like the best option.

  • jayman

    They shouldnt have this match at the cell becuase of the ryback situation. they could have easily had the other matches be in a hell instead.

    Big Show V.S Sheamus- So neither one leaves the ring cuz their both basically scared of eachother.

    Miz V.S Kingston- Miz can say that a singles match in Main Event was a fluke, but in the cell it cant be a fluke

    Orton V.S Del Rio- So Del RIo wont slitther away

    Tag Team Match- So the tag champs wont screw eachother cuz their stuck in the cell

  • they could have ryback hit shell shocked on top of the cell and they crash through the ring bout with bout not able to continue

  • Joseph

    They should have Ryback lose cleanly. Do we really want another guy like Cena that can never be beaten? And they should also have Punk beat rock at Royal Rumble. It is not good for the company if a guy can 3 matches in 8 years and still beat your WWE champion. What does that say for Punk?

  • Joseph

    P.S. It will not be Triple H to end Ryback’s streak, it will be Cena. This is the WWE and ONLY Cena is allowed to do anything. Which is why we still have not seen the new WWE Championship.

  • Kerwin White is In the Cel

    I would love to see a crazy stunt pulled for the finish, where both guys are out and can’t compete. A double count out finish isn’t as frustrating if it comes from a crazy finish that looks like it would knock both guys out. Maybe Ryback spears Punk through the (rigged) cell wall (like you can do in WWE 12) and both guys get knocked out and can’t finish the match. If they put on a good match leading up to this, it might be an unpredictable way to end the show.

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