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Huge Heat on a WWE Title Holder, Big Plans for Punk and Laurinaitis

– WWE is building to CM Punk hitting John Laurinaitis, and talking that it will be similar to how big it was when Steve Austin finally hit Vince McMahon with the Stunner during the Attitude era.

– There is heat on Evan Bourne after Triple H confronted him a few weeks ago, blaming him for the story getting out about R-Truth’s suspension being for fake marijuana or spice, as well as how they were smoking it together.

It’s said that Triple H is not a fan of Bourne but Stephanie McMahon thinks he brings something unique to the table. Even with Stephanie’s support, there is whispers within WWE that Bourne is about to be the next Paul London – a guy with talent who is going to be broken mentally by the system.

There is also heat on Bourne because of the idea that you are not supposed to publicly show frustration with company and some feel that he has done that through Twitter at times.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • zip

    He is a human for Gods freakin sake!

    Oh and Triple H sucks balls.

  • ShoeHornOPlenty

    HHH brought us Sin Cara…I think that would him and Steph even

  • David

    @ShoeHornOPlenty: What is that supposed to mean? Sin Cara is an incredible luchador, WWE knew what they were getting with him, yet they never had the proper opponents for Místico to truly showcase his skill set against, which also in turn causes the botches. Put him against opponents like Rey Mysterio, Averno, Volador Jr. etc and you’ll see some incredible matches.

  • Richie

    Triple H is just jealous that Even and Truth didnt invite him to get high with them LOL!!

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    To Be Honest, if WWE drop the ball with Sydal (Bourne) then the joke is on them he is an incredible talent and does some amazing things. He’d surely be welcome in TNA’s X-Division or back in ROH where he made a great name for himself, I’d love to see him feud with Eddie Edwards.

    Regarding his Tweeting, in fairness if I was being paid what a lot of WWE Superstars are (no idea how much…or little..Sydal makes but it has gotta be reasonable money) then I would just be a professional, you complain to your close friends and family about work. What you don’t do if you are a true professional is talk trash about your current employer on a public forum such as Twitter…just my opinion.

  • just-a-fan

    oh..its just triple h’s own ego..thinking about his reputation,as being the next WWE CEO..he will do anything to bury someone he doesn’t like.. i think he only considers those wrestlers who likes to kiss arses..especially his big fat arse..

  • Mikey

    I read this worded a little differently, and what I interpreted was that Evan Bourne ratted out Truth, making him a locker room outcast. What’s not talked about a lot is how dealing with the backstage environment is important in WWE. Add the Twitter complaining, Bourne might have dug his own grave. The big thing to be sad about is Kofi getting dragged down with him.

    Of course, that’s just my interpretation, and I could be wrong.

  • Adam

    WWE dropped the ball, even if Bourne did rat out R Truth. How did WWE get Bourne to the point where he would do that? Oh yeah, get suspended while R Truth is ok. I get that if nothing.was said about R Truth he never would have been suspended.

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