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Huge Match for Punk at TLC?, WWE Drops Top Storyline, Vince Interested In WM Show

– Vince McMahon has nixed the idea of doing a UFC style 30-minute countdown show to kick off the Royal Rumble pay-per-view but is interested in one for WrestleMania 29.

– WWE reportedly has dropped the storyline idea of both AJ Lee and Booker T being incompetent General Managers, leading to Vince McMahon returning to bring in one General Manager for both shows.

– The idea of doing CM Punk vs. Mick Foley at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view has been brought up internally.


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  • jayman

    why not do mick foley vs punk at hiac since cenas like injured and ryback sucks

  • Heisenberg

    Are you not entertained?

  • Hawkins

    Can Mick Foley still do Big Bumps?….what am i saying…he’s Mick Foley!!

  • matthew

    Get rid of aj as gm wooooo!

  • stone cold

    hoping for punk and foley hiac. but tlc sounds good

  • Typical Internet Mark

    Ryback should face Punk at TLC. I’m glad to see that WNZ has replaced the pic at the top of the page. It first had one terrible wrestler in Macho Man, then to an even worse one in Jericho. At least they have easily the most technically sound wrestler ever at the top of the page.

    Ryback should win every championship. Ryback totally deserves the push he’s on his way to getting. Every match he has is 5 star quality. Screw Foley vs Punk. A Ryback squash match for the WWE title should be the main event at every PPV for the next 10 years. Ryback deserves the longest title reign!!!!

  • Typical Internet Mark

    You see, we internet marks are the “smart” wrestling fans. We only follow the guys who are technicians, or guys from the Indy’s. They don’t even need to be good. If they were in the Indy’s, they’re automatically better than anyone in WWE. Even though INdy wrestlers botch far more than WWE wrestlers because for some reason all Indy guys think they’re high flyers, even the fat ones. But it’s the Indy’s so it’s 5 star matches all day long, baby!!!!

    We don’t like anyone who can’t wrestle. That’s why Ryback is fast on his way to being the top pick for every REAL wrestling fan. He’s the best EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Typical Internet Mark

    I used to like CM Punk. Until he became a main stream sell-out.

  • SoWii

    OK, now we know Cena will win the belt at Survivor Series…

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