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Huge Traditional Match Revealed for WWE Survivor Series

– WWE has announced that Team CM Punk vs. Team Mick Foley in a traditional Survivor Series match will main event November’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are the teams:

Team Punk: CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio

Team Foley: Ryback, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan

Survivor Series takes place on November 18th from Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  • thought it was gonna be wade barrett and cesaro or PTP, but nope…..we got del rio and miz and rhodes scholars

  • this most likely will be the card for survivor series

    5 on 5 match
    sheamus vs show (rematch, wade barrett might be involved)
    Cena vs Ziggler (aj, vickie, storyline)
    Cesaro vs Gabriel (single push for gabriel, or maybe r-truth)
    a divas match
    ptp vs cara/mysterio

  • add 3MB and santino/ryder in there somewhere….who else is left….

  • rob

    ^^ Write everything in one comment….

  • carlos

    not wwe championship match?

  • Antony Copland

    I wouldn’t call that HUGE by ANY means whatsoever.

    Granted, at least the teams each have an individual story(line), still, who would want to tune into a PPV with no WWE Title Match, No Tag Team Title Match, a repeat WHC match, the bathroom break, and Cena vs Dolph Ziggler? That’s how the card is shaping up. Okay, and maybe the Players vs Sin Diego. Meh, even the horrific attempt at coming up with a name for those two makes me not want to tune in. That’s not coming from an IWC chat room, a tout, or an attitude era fan, that’s coming from somebody who realizes what a snoozefest one of the greatest PPVs of all time has become. Stay Priceless.

  • ZIkira

    oh damn no wwe title match i personally wanted to see one not adding punk i a 5 on 5 traditional tag match so in other words he is gonna be going in tlc the wwe champion. Whats the point of being called the greatest champion if u dont defend ur championship in ur 1 year anniversary

  • blake

    no no no. first of all team hellno is face? cm punk won’t be defending his title at SS? i cannot believe it’s not butter?

  • Kenny

    Terrible 5 vs. 5 match.

  • Adam

    Way to swing an miss, WWE.

    As an old school guy, I am a huge fan of the SS match and am very happy that Punk is involved. But, really? They just managed to rehash 4 feuds together. Incredibly lazy booking. Why do I want to tune into SS (not to mention WWE TV for the next three weeks)? To see Kofi vs. Miz for the fourth time? To see Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No for the umpteenth time? How about the ever-so-exciting Randy Orton/ADR match for the third time?

    Punk vs Ryback in this match is no problem given the way HIAC ended, it makes sense. But by throwing in these existing feuds you’ve made one big mess of a match that only makes HIAC and SS look meaningless.

    The WWE had a chance to create new feuds and book a good story. This match could of helped the careers of guys like Antonio Cesaro and … i dunno, they don’t even have a young face.

  • Brody Lawrence

    I echo many of your sentiments. So at one their Big 4 PPVs, WWE will have:

    No WWE title match.
    No Tag Team title match.
    No Intercontinental title match.
    Cena vs Ziggler (with the fair & impartial Vickie Guerrero in his corner I’m sure.)
    And a repeat of a World title match.

    All I needed to know. Thanks for saving me another $50 by not buying another of your lousy PPVs, WWE.

  • Joseph

    Take away Ryback and you have all great guys. Should be good.

  • matthew

    They should change series name survivor series to raw. Very bland ppv coming up now the next 3weeks until the ppv there are going to hundred boring tag team matches involving team punk team Foley.

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