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Huge WWE Role for Ric Flair?, Props for Cena-Punk at RAW, Tamina Teaser

– While everyone was more worried for Jerry Lawler at RAW last night, some were talking about how it took a lot of professionalism for John Cena, CM Punk and Bret Hart to pull off the main event segment knowing what was going on backstage. Michael Cole was talked about in the same regard.

– WWE Diva Tamina Snuka has been teasing something new for her on Twitter. She wrote the following teaser after last night’s Divas match on RAW:

“The Divas tag match tonight on #RAW was interesting tho somethings missing…#TheChaoticExoticOne #PrepareYourselves”

– We noted before that it’s believed eventually WWE will have Vince McMahon fire AJ Lee and Booker T from their General Manager jobs before bringing in a top name to run both shows.

There are rumblings now that Ric Flair may be brought in to run both RAW and SmackDown. It’s also been rumored that Flair may be brought in to work with Dolph Ziggler in place of Vickie Guerrero.

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  • Joseph

    Please keep Flair off of TV. FORCE him to retire.

  • Real Kosher

    Flair as Dolphs manager in a new evolution of his character could be pretty freakin awesome…as long as he doesn’t wrestle and plays the old school manager well…I could see flair with his own stable of guys ala bobby heenan

  • TheBigMan

    They all showed professionalism last night by continuing on despite the circumstances. I respect the professionalism that they showed.

  • Chelsii.

    Dolph Ziggler doesn’t need another fucking manager… just get rid of Vickie already and let him do it on his own. Fuck Flair.

  • Heisenberg

    Great idea. But it would be better if big Johnny returns as the raw and smack down GM. Haters keep hating. Johnny is the most effective GM at this time. Everybody hates him. That’s a great formula for new storylines.

  • james

    Whether you like him or hate him, Cole definitely deserves respect for being strong enough to stay out in the arena to provide the crowd and tv audience with updates on lawler.

  • matt

    brock lesnar for gm

  • matthew

    good make him gm of raw and get rid of that retard aj.

  • Jean

    Hey, Matthew,
    Fuck you, asswipe.

  • Z…..

    reminds me of when jeff jarrett had to go out literally right after owen fell

  • Matt

    Why bring Flair back? make Heyman GM!!

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