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Hulk Hogan on TNA’s Current Product, Impact’s 500 Episode, More

– Hulk Hogan spoke with the local FOX News crew in St. Louis as part of his promotional duties for this week’s TNA No Surrender edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

– Speaking of Hogan, he recently spoke to St. Louis Live and was asked about TNA’s current product.

“The majority of our time we stay consistent with storylines. I think we are really, really consistent with delivering the action and keeping the business in the ring as much as possible. There are certain times where you can watch a quarter hour and minute-by-minute and see where the girls are on there and doing certain things in the background, having a certain conversation. That works. We try not to go against the grain. But the majority of the time the people want the action in the ring and we try to be really consistent with that, and that’s what we are trying to do.”

– TNA’s 500th episode of Impact Wrestling will air on SpikeTV on November 7th, 2013.

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  • Aaron

    What is Hogan on?

    TNA is by far never consistent with their storylines! Their storylines are always changed in the middle of key points of their storylines and the changes are always wrong. The only thing consistent in TNA is their inconsistency.

    • Kingofwrestling

      very true

  • Kingofwrestling

    who sees a bully ray and mr.anderson swerve tonight in the world title match

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