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More On The Hulk Hogan – Gawker Lawsuit

The Hulk Hogan – Gawker lawsuit stems from posting clips of a stolen sex tape featuring Hogan in October of 2012. Hogan’s attorney, David Houston, as well as Gawker’s attorney, Michael Berry, commented on the case when speaking with FOX411.


We are exceptionally pleased with the court’s rulings in our favor, and it will be our goal to have the court-appointed expert begin their search as soon as possible. We will comb through Gawker’s records looking for information that may substantiate our concern as to whether or not Gawker or an associate is responsible for the dissemination of otherwise court protected information. If we are able to find that information we will seek the most severe sanctions possible.


The Judge’s order is literally unprecedented.  It has no basis in law or fact.  We intend to appeal. This order should send a shiver down the spine of all media companies and anyone who believes in the free press. It says that a court can confiscate all data in a media companies’ computer system based on nothing more than a baseless hunch and accusation. It then gives a litigant all reporters’ and editors data that mentions his name and a long list of other names. This order is an affront to the First Amendment.

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  • TheMAG

    So what is this news?.Wife left him for a guy who is as young as his son.Speaking of which who he blamed a half brain dead guy for his son’s in n out jail sessions.So Hogan taps a dude’s wife and his own daughter.To conclude that he hates black guys. And ruined TNA in the process as well. Define money greeding Hulk Hogan.

  • Michael Breen

    I’m not saying Gawker was right in stealing the tape, but Hogan wasn’t right to do the racial slur OR whatever other boneheaded thing he did. So in this case, both sides are the bad guys. Yes, I’m acknowledging Hulk Hogan as a bad guy. Gawker is just another bunch of tabloid cowards who hide behind the first amendment.

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