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Hulk Hogan Possibly Returning To WWE Before WrestleMania 32

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that there’s talk of bringing Hulk Hogan back to WWE before WrestleMania 32. The WWE is handling the matter very carefully considering the reason Hogan was let go.

Over the summer, WWE released Hogan when hateful comments from his sex tape were leaked online. Hogan claimed Gawker leaked the comments, which they have denied.

Hogan is suing Gawker and their case is set for March 7.

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  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    At this point…do anybody really want Hogan back in WWE?

    • Red


  • bigfoot3169

    My opinion on the matter is that since Hogan did bring a lot of light to the WWF and had such an impact for wrestling, that if he is cleared from the Gawker trial, then he should be reinstated. Whether it is quietly or with fanfare, Hogan should be in the WWE and HOF. If they will allow a woman beater and drug abusers in the HOF, why can’t they let someone who said something wrong and apologized for it back in the “family”? Besides, I remember watching his matches on PPV, Saturday nights and such without the use of the Network or Youtube. He made an impact and overall a good one. And he was not the only one.


    He’s gotta do a surprise run in and save a baby face colored wrestler from a beat down all while keeping the “N’ word to a minimum.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      imagine that slipping out during a WWE TV promo?

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