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Hulk Hogan Says He Could Wrestle Again, Discusses Recent Interaction With Triple H, TNA Status & More

The Associated Press published an article on Friday covering Hulk Hogan’s current standing in the professional wrestling industry. The famed wrestler is a free agent after his contract with TNA Wrestling expired (on Oct. 10, according to the article) and there is a strong chance he could return to WWE.

Even at 60-years-old, Hogan considers wrestling again a possibility.

“Let me put it to you this way, brother,” Hogan said. “With the right guy, the right situation, with a big enough event, big enough storyline, you’re damn right I have one more left in me.”

While “The Hulkster” was written out of TNA storylines due to the expiration of his contract, he is not ruling out a return to the promotion.

“We couldn’t figure things out,” Hogan said. “We’re talking, but I’m wide open right now.”

Hogan returning to the promotion could hinge on Triple H, who is leaving the door open for his return to WWE. The six-time WWE Champion says he was warmly received by Vince McMahon’s son-in-law at a recent charity function.

“He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home,” the door’s open,” Hogan said.

This follows Triple H recognizing Hogan’s place in wrestling history during an interview in August promoting SummerSlam. The WWE executive stated to NBC Sports Radio, “Hulk Hogan will forever be the face of a generation of WWE Superstars. I don’t know that there’s a more recognizable guy—there’s Rock, there’s Hogan, there’s Cena, and there’s these recognizable characters that become household names. And Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest of all-time—a true legend in our business. No matter what, he will always have that place in the WWE Universe. Always.”

Hogan says he has “been going crazy the last couple of weeks trying to figure out the best thing to do” as he feels he “[owes] it to the fans at this point.”

“That’s where I’m having the toughest time in my head,” said Hogan. “I owe it to those fans that have been loyal to me for 35 years for this Hulkamania thing to probably not end, it will probably go on forever after I’m dead and gone, but, what’s the logical extension? What’s the right direction right now?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hogan admits to letting his ego get in the way of his post-WCW run(s) with WWE.

“Listen to the crowd. Don’t you guys hear what I hear? Even though I passed the torch to The Rock, I kept feeling there was more gas in the tank,” said Hogan. “Maybe I couldn’t see what everybody else saw. Maybe I was going out there and embarrassing myself when I wrestled The Rock, I don’t know. I just wanted something different for the character.”

To read the full article, click here.

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  • John

    WrestleMania XXX Hogan vs Cena

  • Tommy Colosi

    I don’t want to be “that guy”…. but…

    ‘He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home,” the door’s open,” Hogan said.
    Clearly, to me, that convo took place before the angle that aired last week was taped. one would think. So he knowingly had Dixie beg him on tv and he knew he was never coming back…. that is mind boggling to me…..

    • jcice13

      really?? your mind was boggled??? lol hogan’s been that way forever or since gagne screwed him, but on the one hand I can’t blame him it is dog eat dog in this business but he’s taken it to an entirely higher level as for dixie helmsley? she deserves everything she gets, she’s the biggest dupe since herb abrams(sp?)

    • mika009

      With the creative control of his character he always has put in his contracts he never has or will let anything happen to make him look bad or weak. I’ve heard more than one wrestler tell stories where someone comes up with a great idea or storyline and plan it all out just to have Hulk walk in and say “Doesn’t work for me brother”. They say when a wrestler leaves a company they should do something to put someone else over to help build them up since you’re leaving. Hulk did the exact opposite with TNA. He may owe the fans but he never wants to pay up when he has the chance.

  • Abudadein

    Yeah, Hogan’s really struggling with this. He “owes it to those fans who have been loyal for 35 years,” that he charged $250 a pop at Fan Expo Canada this year for a Polaroid, a handshake, and a “thank you, brother.”

  • Bork Lazer Living Legend

    Maybe we will finally get Stone Cold vs Hogan at WM30. I’d rather get Stome Cold vs Randy Orton or CM punk though

    • Sting’s Dad

      Quite frankly, Hogan and Austin is never going to happen.

      It is a well-established fact that neither man is willing to job for the other. If it didn’t happen in 2002 then it isn’t going to happen in 2013.

  • Danny Morgan

    I don’t want to see Hogan main event mania ever again, he had his time in the ring, he would be best on a legends contract make an appearance or run in a few times maybe even be a tv manager for a new talent without creative control.

  • Abudadein

    Hogan and Mr. T vs. Piper and Orndorff at WM 30. Snuka and Orton at ringside with Pat Patterson and Muhammad Ali as special guest referees. Cyndi Lauper and David Wolff in the corner of Hogan and Mr. T. Bring it on, bruther!

  • Miroslav Mates

    Embarrasing by wrestling The Rock? Damn I remember that as one of the matches I can go back and watch again, because it was good to watch! (or I didn´t get his point)

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