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Hulk Hogan Says He’s Ready For His Next Challenge, ODB Named Knockout of the Month (Video)

– As seen Thursday night on Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter wanted Hulk Hogan to join “Team Dixie,” but the former Impact General Manager told her, “I Quit,” and walked out. Following the show, Carter wrote on Twitter, “You are so fired @HulkHogan!!!”. However, he is still listed as a member of the TNA Wrestling roster.

The WWE Hall of Famer considers that four-year chapter over. Following the event, he wrote on his official Facebook account, “One door closes, another one opens, and I’m ready for my next challenge. Life is good. HH.”

– TNA Women’s Knockout Champion ODB has been named the Knockout of the Month for October. In the following video, the 34-year-old recalls her path to the gold, and vows to stay on top.

“Who’d ever think I’d be named Knockout of the Month? It is great timing that I am Knockout of the Month right now. I just won the Knockout title. It was awesome. I’ve been reffing for four months-when I took that shirt off it felt so good. I knew I was destined to go for the gold,” said ODB.

She continued, “I’ve been here since 2007 and people have seen me change, get married…now it’s more of a serious ODB.”

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  • D.M.T

    Hogan spent 3 years (not 4) in TNA and did absolutely nothing for that company. Hogan should just leave the wrestling business because he’s useless now.

    • mika009

      Now you have to remember Hogan was asked to be in Metalica and a couple other bands, they asked him to star in the movie The Wrestler and Andre was almost 800 pounds when Hogan slammed him. Whatever Hulk remembers and says is how it is. He was in TNA for 4 years and took them to new heights. He’s Hulk Hogan, brother!

      • jcice13

        so funny yet so right, how many times did hogan come out during his tenure in TNA and say something along the lines of, and I’m paraphrasing ” it’s a fresh start brutha handTNA is going to new heights, I can feel it my bruthas, and it’s ready to break out”? it’s gotten past the point of disillusional into a dimension unknown and unseen before

    • Macho Man

      WRONG! Hogan did EXACTLY what TNA over paid him to due and that was barely wrestle and basically stand around and be a talking head. TNA were the ones who BEGGED Hulk to come there not the other way around. TNA are the ones who signed a 56 year old Hogan at the time who they knew was essentially done wrestling. TNA’s lack of sense is not on Hogan it’s on them! I agree Hogan can no longer wrestle but to say he is useless is pretty false. He can be used as an on screen GM or Manager or things like that. If he REALLY leaves TNA (which I’m doubting because I think TNA is dumb enough to overpay him yet again), I guarantee you Vince will sign him to at least a Legends Contract with WWE. As long as people keep paying Hulk to be around he’s going to be around, BROTHER!

      • D.M.T

        I never said that Hogan begged them to join TNA and I NEVER said that Hogan didn’t do what they paid him to do. I just said that Hogan did absolutely nothing for TNA which is a fact. And yes Hogan is kinda useless because he’s not even a good on screen GM. Yeah Vince will sign Hogan (if he leaves TNA) but only to make special appearances, kinda like how Ric Flair only makes special appearances for WWE. Vince won’t sign him to be a regular. I get it, you’re a Hulk Hogan fan but don’t get so defensive so quickly. Make sure you understand my comment before you say “WRONG!”

        • Macho Man

          I understood your comments just fine and I’m just stating my opinion. I get VERY tired of hearing/reading that Hogan has done nothing for TNA. He has done exactly what they paid him to do. He’s not a wrestler anymore and I would argue he makes as big of an impact as you possible can at doing what he is doing now. I KNOW people who have gone to a TNA live show just to see Hogan, even if he is just talking. So I wouldn’t say it’s a fact he’s done nothing for TNA because it’s not. I highly doubt ANYONE goes to a WWE show to see Vicki Guerrero, Brad Maddox, Booker T or Teddy Long talk. And yes Vince probably would just have him make an appearance here and there like Flair, however Hogan is Vince’s greatest creation and I could see Vince giving him a GM role if Hogan wanted it. If for no other reason than to say look at this guy (Hogan) I helped create, you people still find him relevant 35+ years later! So I stand by my original opinion of your original comments, they’re WRONG!

          • D.M.T

            Yes Hogan has done exactly what they paid him to do which is NOTHING! TNA paid Hogan big money to do nothing worth talking about. I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing/reading this but it’s true. You can’t compare Hogan to Vicki Guerrero and others you mentioned because he’s obviously a much bigger star than most people in the business but that doesn’t mean that having Hogan in TNA is good for business. I really doubt that Vince would give Hogan a GM role if Hogan wanted to because Hogan is no longer what he used to be so Vince doesn’t have to give him what he wants. Cena is the new Hulk Hogan. My comments are not wrong, you are just being defensive for no reason. I didn’t even attack Hogan, I was just stating a fact about his time in TNA. Hogan did nothing in TNA. The only reason why some people still pay to see him is because of what he did in the past and not because of what he’s done in TNA.

          • Macho Man

            It’s not doing nothing if by having him in TNA it brings in a few more fans to the arena and to TV sets. I don’t care if it’s 5 people a year! That’s five more people than would have been going/viewing the TNA event because of Hogan! So that does not equal nothing! I don’t know what people like you expect him to do? He doesn’t wrestle anymore so when you sign him you shouldn’t be expecting to get the 80’s, or 90’s Hulk Hogan! TNA’s failures are on their owners not Hogan. And yes I can compare Hogan to Vicki Guerrero and Brad Maddox because they share the exact same role in two diffrent companies. Which is an on screen GM. Hogan is a much bigger star than those two which goes to my point of he is doing as much as he possible can in that position. He still draws people to the arena. It’s nowhere near as many people as he use to draw but what do you expect from a 60 year old guy who doesn’t perform/wrestle anymore? Hell I see more Hogan shirts in the crowd at TNA events than any TNA wrestler! So that doesn’t equal nothing! And yes Cena is this generations Hogan and CM Punk is this generations Randy Savage, so what? Hogan will end up back in WWE at some point, it’s not if it’s when. I don’t know how small or large of role he will have but he will be back. If people are still paying to see Hogan and buying his t-shirts, I don’t know how you can say he does nothhing for TNA? So to me your he does nothing for TNA statement is still WRONG!

          • D.M.T

            Dude you’re trying too hard to defend Hogan and you’re not understanding what I’m saying. You THINK you understand but you don’t. Let me explain one last time. The reason why Hogan brings 5 more people to TNA is because of what Hogan did IN THE PAST and not because of what Hogan has done in TNA. The reason why some people still wear Hogan shirts is because of Hogan’s amazing career IN THE PAST and not because he’s had an amazing career in TNA. My point is that if he is indeed drawing a few more people to TNA is because of HIS PAST accomplishments and not because of his TNA career. These aren’t opinions, these are facts. Hogan did not become a bigger star than he was before he joined TNA which means that he hasn’t done anything in TNA. And when I say Hogan has done nothing for TNA I mean that he hasn’t done anything legendary in TNA, he hasn’t made a big impact in TNA, he hasn’t done anything worth talking about. That’s what I mean with doing nothing so don’t take it literally. And I’m not saying this is Hogan’s fault, I’m not so relax, I’m just saying he hasn’t done anything to help TNA. Whether it’s TNA’s fault or Hogan’s fault I don’t care. And no you cannot compare Hogan to Vicki Guerrero and others you mentioned because it’s Hogan’s PAST that is making him a much bigger star than Brad Maddox and Vicki combined. Take Hogan’s past away and Vicki becomes a bigger star than Hogan. No dude, I wasn’t expecting 80’s or 90’s Hogan when TNA signed him. What I’m saying is that TNA shouldn’t have kept Hogan under contract for so long because TV ratings did not improve at all and TNA continues to struggle even with Hogan there so what not release him? That’s my point. Hogan will be back in WWE but for special appearances only. He won’t be back as a regular. Do you understand now what I’m saying or are you still in denial? For someome your age you are acting like a 15 year old Hogan fanboy. Just relax, I don’t mean literally nothing, what i mean is that he’s done nothing great or legendary in TNA whether it’s his fault or TNA’s fault. If you think i’m still WRONG then that’s YOUR PROBLEM. I strongly believe I’m RIGHT and you’re just being defensive because truth hurts.

          • Macho Man

            I am not defending Hogan, I’m disagreeing with your statement that he has done NOTHING for TNA because it’s FALSE. If you want to say he has had a minimal impact in TNA that would be more accurate than NOTHING. OF COURSE all of his fame is based on his past, DUH!! Who would argue that! How the hell would he become a BIGGER STAR in TNA when he doesn’t even wrestle anymore? Not only that he’s already been to the top of the pro wrestling mountain and STAYED there longer then ANY wrestler! I don’t really grasp how you think he could become an even bigger star than he already was/is as a retired wrestler and just being a talking head. TNA should not have paid him as much as they have/did but that’s on them not him. I don’t think you’re wrong, I KNOW you’re wrong! If you change nothing to minimal you wouldn’t be as wrong. By the way the Hogan shirts people are wearing in the TNA crowds are new shirts, they’re not shirts from the 80’s that came from WWF. Maybe you should get a dictionary and look up the definition of the word NOTHING, because clearly you do not understand what NOTHING means!

          • D.M.T

            You truly are an idiot. You have to continue arguing even though this argument is over because I already proved my point. Deep down you know I’m right but it pains you to admit it so you continue to lie to yourself about Hogan being useful in TNA. Tell me Hogan mark, what legendary thing has Hogan done since joining TNA? The answer is NOTHING!. Tell me, has Hogan made a big impact in TNA? The answer is NO! What has Hogan done in TNA that is worth talking about? The answer again is NOTHING. Have the TV ratings, PPV buys and attendance improved significantly since Hogan arrived in TNA? The answer again is NO! So what has Hogan done in TNA? NOTHING! And LOL I never said Hogan’s shirts are from the 80’s you idiot, I just said that the reason why people still wear Hogan shirts is because they are fans of 80’s and 90’s Hogan, not because they love today’s Hogan lol. Give it up Hogan fanboy, you won’t win this argument but I gotta give you credit for really trying.

          • Macho Man

            Please point out to me in which statement I made where I said he DID do anything legendary for TNA. You won’t find it because I never said that he did! You’re the moron who keeps going on about him not doing anything legendary for TNA, stupid! How the hell would he do anything legendary for them when he doesn’t even wrestle anymore? The fact of the matter is TNA is so desperate for attention and relevance that they over pay a 56 year old wrestling legend to come to their company and basically just walk out to crowd, flex, talk and walk back behind the curtain! I would guess he sells more merchandise than any ACTUAL current wrestler in TNA! Look in the TNA crowds you blind fool! I don’t care if it’s fans of Hogan’s from the 80’s and 90’s portions of money paid for his shirts go into TNA’s pockets. Not to mention money generated from autograph signings and meet and greets. I will fully admit it’s not as much as it use to be but it’s SOMETHING. I don’t really expect you to get it since you don’t even know the meaning of the word NOTHING! I’ve already won the argument, kid! By the way, you’re the clown on this website that’s always crying about Christian not getting enough push an attention right? That tells me a lot about you and your lack of sense for the business. SInce you don’t seem to bright I will help you out on that topic as well. Christian is a B-/C+ talent at best. He rode Edge’s jock to the little bit of fame he was able to garner. No more Edge, no more need for Christian. Not to mention Christian’s hurt more often than not! Run along little man, cause you can’t hang with me!

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Hulk Hogan ‘s next challenge is to get out of bed without hurting himself!

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