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Hulk Hogan Staying with TNA, TNA Offers More than WWE reports that Hulk Hogan will be staying with TNA. TNA apparently offered Hogan more money than WWE did.

It’s said that what WWE offered Hogan was nowhere close to what they’ve offered other stars in previous years. What Hogan will make in 1 year with TNA is about what The Rock and Brock Lesnar are making for 1 match with WWE.


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  • The_Fearless_Diva

    Stay in TNA forever Hulk Hogan :).

    • Mario Peralta

      I’m not sure to downvote because it sounds like you favor TNA or upvote because Hogan don’t have any business going back to WWE.

      • Chelsii?

        Who cares? As long as he doesn’t come back.

        • Mario Peralta

          Isn’t that what the second half of my comment said? Read the whole thing

        • Abudadein

          This is the part where Mrs. Ambrose chimes in: “Yeah, I agree. WWE doesn’t need Hulk Hogan,” and Chelsii quickly fires back, “Get lost kiss ass!”

          • Chelsii?

            You’re not funny, go away.

          • Abudadein

            Not trying to be funny, whatsoever. I actually feel it’s a very accurate representation of what we’ve seen in the past and the way you communicate on here. I’m certain Mrs. Ambrose and everyone else would agree.

      • The_Fearless_Diva

        I am not a fan of TNA and I am happy that he is not coming back to the WWE.

  • [B]ANExx

    (sigh) at least another year before TNA becomes watchable again then…

    F**K HULK HOGAN!!!

    • KingBack

      You mean f**k TNA.
      It’s them who wants to re-sign him when it’s clear that Hogan rather would be in WWE.

    • Tommy Colosi

      cant blame the payee, blame the payer…

      • [B]ANExx

        I am blaming the Payer – haven’t watched impact in 6 months or so and won’t do so until HH is gone – it might just be one person, but that is a rating TNA lost…

  • Charles Smith

    Well duh, The Rock and Lesner actually get in the ring Hogan can barely walk.

    • Eric Chism

      TNA is paying him too much. They are going in debt. They aren’t able to pay their people. Yet they are paying him how much? $1,000,0000 a year? 500K a year?

      • Mike

        the remember reading some interview where rock said he got $5 million for his mania 28 match

        • Eric Chism

          I remember that too, but that was for the whole 3 month run. The same for Brock. I can’t imagine TNA having 5 million to give him. They can’t even pay their bills.

  • tt2000

    I was pondering watching TNA again because of Ethan Carter III but now it looks like it won’t be worth if I have to endure hogan for half an hour.

    • Danny Morgan

      can you imagine what ethan’s debut will be, it will have Hogan telling the crowd how ethan is the future and that he might have the hulkamania inside of him, ( this goes on or 20 minutes then gives the mic to Ethan who cuts 30 second promo and cut to adverts)

  • Alpha_Omega

    Surprised TNA even had the money to offer such a deal considering the trouble they’ve had recently.

    • Edynol

      What makes you think they did have the money? The probably just put themselves even more in debt. lol.

  • Bianca Gurrola

    It’s oh k . Wwe doesn’t need him anyway. He’s such a back stabber. After being put in the hall of fame. N then goes to tna. Wwe made him what he is. Or actually what he was

  • Moose

    Meanwhile, in a TNA office at their headquarters in Nashville, TN, a man hired just for this occasion sits solemnly on a TNA logo rug, in a wide open office, with nothing but a gong in front of him. “Well, I guess it’s time for me to ring the death knell.” he sadly says to himself. He picks himself up from his spot on the carpet, hits the gong four times, and walks out of the offices.

    • Edynol

      Undertaker beats TNA in a Three Stages of Hellfire in a Cell Bury Me Alive Casket match.

      • Abudadein

        They wouldn’t do it at WrestleMania, since it would be squash match in under three minutes. They could always do it at a house show though, maybe in Smyrna, Delaware or Shawsville, Virginia. R.I.P. TNA.

  • Danny Morgan

    I’m confused(no more than Dixie Carter) as to whether they are trying to mimic WWE, certainly with the storylines but seriously they are wasting good money on Hogan, which could of been spent on young indie talent scouting. its paying off for wwe now.
    And if Hogan loved this business so much and wants to give back to the fans why care so much for the money, you greedy over paid has been Hogan!!! At least he rock can stlll bring it or the paychecks

  • Robert Medina

    Hogan is too old to compete. The Rock & Brock Lesnar are at the peak of their career I really don’t care for TNA, only because it’s always pre-recorded. I wonder what the difference is in viewership between TNA & WWE. I don’t see Hogan competing in the ring again.

  • Z….

    well, from now on, I will no longer be blaming Hulk Hogan for what happens to TNA. From January 2010-now, I blame him along with Bischoff, while also blaming Dixie Carter for buying into the BS, even with everything pointed at it being ridiculous. This is the 2nd time he has been resigned now. Therefore, I’m putting the blame on Panda Energy and Dixie Carter for the fate of the company that was once an alternative, and had good potential. Have fun continuing with your secondary WWE. I already dont watch WWE for a reason. Why would I then choose to watch the secondary version of it? Exactly. I wouldnt Hence all of the loss in viewership since January 2010

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