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Hulk Hogan Suing for $100 Million in Damages Over Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan held a press conference this afternoon to announce the legal action he’s taking over the unauthorized production and distribution of his infamous sex tape — and he’s looking for over $100 million from the parties involved.

Hogan’s attorney David R. Houston said they’re suing for $100 million in damages for leaking the sex tape footage.

The damages sought from Bubba The Love Sponge & Heather Clem were not specified, but their actions were called “illegal, outrageous, and exceeded the bounds of human decency.”

Hogan is also looking for BTLS, and anybody else that has possession of the time to turn it over to be destroyed ASAP.

Hogan’s legal team will continue to go after anybody else who shares the X-rated movie.

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  • Brody Lawrence

    “exceeded the bounds of human decency.”

    The Huckster cheats on his 2nd wife with his “best friend’s” wife then accuses others of human indecency. Huckster should’ve just shot himself way back when. Layla Ali did him no favors when she unknowingly saved his life. You’re pathetic Huckster. You’ve lived to become the bane of TNA’s existence not to mention your own existence. However I actually wish the Huckster luck in his lawsuit. Suing Spongebubba Fatpants into oblivion can never be a bad thing.

  • daniec1610

    the guy wants to recover all the money that he has lost in recent years he is absolutly crazy if he thinks that he will get that amount of money

  • Fuck Off

    All of this couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy.

  • Coolquip

    I would be against Hogan but considering Bubba is a huge prick I’m all for it!!!

  • JG40

    Hogan is not going to fair too well against Bubba. Bubba knows all of Hogan’s secrets.

  • Adam

    When the end to the tape is shown to a judge or jury, Bubba could end up being classified as a sex offender and lose every cent. If he did it to someone who didnt betray the fanboys by going to TNA, then some of these people would have sent Bubba death threats.

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